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  1. Hi! I've had a thought about waypoints. Would it be possible to add a subcommand under .wayp mod that allows for the waypoint to select a random displayID (from the NPC's forged display list)? Case use: I have several demon NPCs that use waypoints to give the appearance of coming out of a portal, then going into another portal and disappearing for some time. They return to the original portal while invis and sit there on a delay. After the delay ends, they drop invis and fade in on waypoint 1, giving the sense of consistent portal use. With a displayID randomizer (from their existing index), my invis delay waypoint could choose a random displayID, and when the npc restarts its waypoint, it provides the illusion of being a different NPC each time. I can try to distill this explanation if needed but hopefully it makes enough sense. Thanks 🙂
  2. Hey, I think maybe you guys are aware of this, but I just saw there's no bug report for it. Copying phase forged NPCs causes the copied NPC to gain a default outfit displayID later on - my guess is after a server restart when the NPCs respawn. Personally, most of my NPCs are not even created with an outfit display, and the one they gain (and almost always respawn with) afterward is randomly shoved in the list of indexed displays. After removing the anomalous displayID, the issue seems to be resolved permanently on the NPC. I don't have any current NPCs with this issue after fixing most of them recently but the last one affected was 701201 which I fixed a couple of days ago.
  3. Hi! I'm making some NPC gossips and had a thought. Would it be possible to have different backgrounds to choose from when creating NPC gossip? It's purely aesthetic and I am not sure if it would work with gossip from NPCs as opposed to object gossip like signs. I don't know where to find a list of the backgrounds I mean but I believe it's like the list you can see under the 'Backgrounds' dropdown in the TRP3 About section.
  4. The command .phase shift doodads zone off causes distant terrain to appear and/or load incorrectly very high on the Y axis. I think this may happen in any zone (the adt version of this command works fine). An attached example is End Time, with zone doodads loaded and with them off.
  5. • Type of Bug: Gameobject - automatic proximity activation • Description: Object 246296, 7sp_demonspider_eggbunch01.m2, automatically triggers when stepped on, wrapping the player in webs and spawning three Demon Spiderling creatures. This is just upon touching it which is hard to avoid when spawning. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): Screenshot below. • Steps to reproduce: Just spawn object 246296 and be near it. • Expected result: This gob shouldn't trigger at all unless maybe activated, in previous builds it's been a solid object with collision. • Observed result: see above • Reproduction rate: 100% • Additional information: Not much else to say, really. Thanks.