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  1. Welcome to Elysium "Across the seas, forgotten long ago during the sundering of worlds -- a safe haven for all of Azeroth's life. Such is what I have named Elysium." --Raistraza Ever log into Epsilon and wonder what phase to join? Too many, too little? Not what you're looking for? Maybe you just want a stage to DM on -- maybe you just want something akin to world RP like you once had on Retail WoW. Well, that's what we're here to try and emulate! Elysium is a multi-phased, interconnected server on Epsilon that aims to give you a platform to roleplay in! Currently we have three major zones to explore, which can be accessed either through elysium-phases or by simply walking through gateways found throughout the kingdoms. These zones include NPCs, villages, towns, cities and castles! Each zone has its secrets and storylines that you can explore, discover and participate in, if you wish. Our aim is to provide a place for friends to chill out while not being too small -- giving them ample opportunities to play wherever, whenever, and whatever. Not feeling the swampy mood of Evershire? Head over the Plains! Want something creepier to RP in? The Shadow Realm is always waiting for you... Wanna be an exotic race without having to move to an entirely new server? Go for it. Elysium is set to be a mysterious, lost land that splintered off Kalimdor during the Sundering. Elysium follows the same timeline as World of Warcraft, but with certain expansion retcons that help make roleplay less confusing lore-wise and more consistent with the original Warcraft universe. With ancient Tauren, Humans, Dwarves and more -- you're in charge of the lands. Claim a house as your own, make guilds, host events, discover new friends, learn about the history of Elysium, and so much more. We literally have entire kingdoms. Current Administrative Team • @Magicka - Administrator • @Red_dwarf - Administrator • @Tychgen - Moderator • @Pyrrhos - Moderator Accepted Races: Elysium is very lenient on what races you can play. Exotics are encouraged, as well as classic races. We want to accommodate as many people as possible while also trying to keep to the lore of Warcraft. We have a list of playable races that can be found in #playable races. Rules: Elysium is moderated, so there is no need to worry about people harassing you. We have a report-a-player system in place and can always be reached about issues. For a full list of our rules, check out #rules or our Info Hub in-game! There are also greeter NPCs in each of our phases that feature all relevant information. So there is really no excuse for people to say they haven't read them. Elysium is considered a PG 13 to R rated phase in regards to maturity rating. If you are a minor please be aware that people may be partaking in content that is not suitable for your age. Where to Start: First please read all of our rules , then select-a-role . Once you're in, read up on our lore in lore-documents and please consider installing supported-patches ! Themes: [Housing, Pirates, Soldiers, Shops, NPCs, Tribes, Clans, Adventure, Exploration, Castles, Custom Lore, Taverns, Make-Your-Own-Events, Community Participation, Neutral, Alliance, Horde, Dragons, Exotics] https://discord.gg/PyCwMMMb7M
  2. The Voldunai The Voldunai, once a coalition of misfits and scavengers, joining arms against the armies of the Sethrak Empire, now after the fall of Emperor Korthek, have united further, even including the remaining Sethrak whom of which have renounced their loyalties to the fallen Emperor, and the Tortollan, for the future of the wasteland they call their home. ----------- The Voldunai has been running since late 2019, starting as a small settlement of Sethrak and Vulpera in Uldum, called Sethralia, who sought to expand their peoples into the rest of the world of Azeroth. However, during the invasion of N'Zoth, they returned to Vol'dun after their encampment was destroyed by the forces of the Old God. During this time, we made a temporary move to another server, to use Vol'dun. However, given circumstances, we returned to Epsilon and made our adventures in Vol'dun using Uldum as a stand in. The guild has grown massively since, both in players, stories, and phase additions, with 300+ players in the guild and discord. We do have additions to lore to make Vulpera and Sethrak more RPable, to give fuel for more interesting characters and stories, whilst trying to not escape the bounds of what is currently established by Blizzard too much. The guild is, naturally, centered around continuing the story of Vol'dun Post-BfA, our take on a window into what may have happened with it if Blizzard continued that story, yet other races are allowed as well, with the honour system of common sense. We encourage creative freedom, with common sense encouraged as the law of the land. As it stands, the phase is based in Shatterstone Harbour, rebuilt after the Alliance disbanded it after the Fourth War, but the entire phase is open, built, and filled to the brim with NPCs and interactable tidbits. ----------- Features: - Frequent host periods - DMed quests, events, world bosses, and world events! - Survival themes while steering away from being a full-on survival phase. - A welcoming community, striving to be free of judgment, drama, and bigotry. - Player housing within reason, through applications - Player markets, through Officer intervention - A constantly changing and progressive, open world, desert setting, obviously, nestled in Vol'dun. - Ability to acquire pets or mounts through RP or IC vendors. - A resource system. - Fast travel wagons to various destinations. - Shaman, Druid, and Mage class halls. - Joinable factions such as the Shatterstone Guards, the Elemental Circle, the Sethraliss Circle, and the Ministry of Magic. - A player ran council, lead by Chancellor Vathiss and Keeper Vorrik. - An IC historical museum detailing events occurring in Vol'dun since the end of BfA. - Encouraged exploration. - Sand ----------- Other Info - Timeline Info: Our phase exists in the present day timeline (10.0), and sits in a timeline where Talanji deemed Vol'dun its own nation, and retains a very close allyship with it. However, the Zandalari still send their criminals to Vol'dun. - We have a Discord, which is highly reccomended, if not required, due to it containing all the info you need to get started, rules, events, and community! Join it here: https://discord.gg/kDMxMvupct - We have a "living" document, that includes all the homebrew and tidbits we have added to make the worldbuilding feel more alive. Check it out here! Created by myself, Vathiss, and Equilibrium: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NAlzmhlV4DFEe8rR265Rtim0uKstUxd-8_xEyqzZRIo/edit#
  3. In the beginning... ...we thrived just as any other living creature has. For the longest time we have fought; through civil conflicts and genocide we have managed to regather ourselves and rebuild. We have learned from our past mistakes, we have paid penance for our sins and we have fought to create a better world. Through our blood and sweat, flowing with passion and determination, we have endured in the hopes of providing a life of comfort and security for our later generations. Such a tragedy it was then, when the Gods deemed us unfit to live, and sentenced us to our deaths. I remember the day the omens started; our end. How do you find the will to go on when the very Gods now demand you lay down your lives and submit to their re-origination. It has been sixteen years since our annihilation begun. Sixteen years of hopeless struggle against a plague specifically designed to twist and eradicate all life. Designed by the Gods... I cannot begin to count the men and women and children who have given their lives so that we all may continue to fight. I cannot admit how severely we are losing, regardless of their sacrifice. The casualties in the millions by the first year, we have been steadily losing on every front. Every time we find a weakness, we are thwarted. Every time hope begins to shine, we are stamped out under the cold boot of the Prah'nahanni and its diseased legion. Hope faltered. Its flame eternally extinguished. Until our Maji found a tome. Four years ago our elder Maji were researching an old tome in the Library of the Lord and Lady. The tome was ancient, the text predating many civilizations. Upon deciphering the pages, the eldest Maji contacted the Order of August, a covenant of all the nation's businesses and leaders, and spoke of a life changing discovery. As we gathered, the old Maji revealed the location of a gateway that was built by the gods, leading to a place only known as Sister. This strange old majick put off many of the Order, since most majicks were regulated or outlawed. But the Gateway… it was worth the risk. It was agreed that I and a few other nation's leaders would set out to secure the gateway's location. We set up a foothold around the gateway, putting together a makeshift fort in case of Prahlioth incursion. Once fortified. the Maji spoke the words, and the ancient gateway exploded with light. It was silent at first, then a loud crack and clap of thunder shook the ground. The air tore in half like a punctured piece of parchment and on the other side, we glimpsed a desert. Elated by the success of this portal, uncertainty began to settle in. What we would find in this world recorded only as Sister? We cross the portal, ten Conquirants, to scout the Far-lands of Sister, determined to find what lie on the other side. Unfortunately, our Conquirant expedition was shortly put into custody after we passed through the strange gateway, arrested by Sister's natives. After we were released from our captors for trespassing on a holy ground, we discovered we were let loose in a land called Uldum, in a world not called Sister, but Azeroth. We ventured out into the world, and oh the sights we saw. Great clans lead by green-skinned creatures- Orcs in their tongue. Giant stone ruins of such grandeur belonging to an ancient civilization; the Kaldorei. Me and my compatriots stumbled upon many wonders of the Far-lands. A massive city of white stone lead by Leothil, a gathering of nature worshipers and powerful druids by Starseeker, a holy order- an Iron Sacrament. I've ventured to the outposts of the mighty Horde, became allies with those of the Forsaken, explored the great empire of Silvermoon through its numerous trials. I've witnessed the Deathbringer and spoke to Soulforges, imposing and powerful. By the gods, you’ve even fought off your progenitors and convinced them your world is worth preserving. Of all my time on this world wandering the lands and hearing your tales for four years, I've come to a conclusion... You are as destructive and chaotic and sinful as us, which raises a question... Why do you deserve to live, and we don't? The Races of Talahmnord...