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  1. Here is a collection of work that has accumulated throughout my time here at Epsilon. AddOns GLink - [Forum Thread] - [Download] Adds useful hyperlinks to the chat. MogIt - [Forum Thread] - [Download] The modified version of MogIt, tailored for Epsilon. CT2 - [Download] Colour Text 2, enables you to write messages in colour - useful for linking things to other players. Copying coloured text is as easy as trying to link an item in-game. NewChar - [Forum Thread] - [Download] Automatically cleans action bars, gear and bags from newly created characters. Includes commands to make doing this easier for when you need to quickly remove things. MattScale - [Forum Thread] - [Download] Based off of Matt's How to Scale guide. Input a desired height and get the in-game scale of what you want to set your character's height to. Use /hts in-game to get started. AutoCommand - [Forum Thread] - [Download] Executes commands automatically. PJDJ- [Forum Thread] - [Download] Cross-client music player. rossTest - [Download] Allows you to press space bar 3 times in quick succession to toggle cheat fly on or off. Couldn't think of a name. If you encounter any issues with these, be sure to submit a bug report below, or contact me on Discord: Gardener#8000