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Found 7 results

  1. This patch contains two different retextures of the red-eyed dark ranger skin for blood elves, with the option to have underwear and the option to not. I recommend using the option without underwear if your character uses any of the demon hunter tattoos. Inside the first ZIP folder you will find four ZIP folders, each with a unique skin attached and named respectively. Those are the folders that you want to insert into the client. You can only have one applied at a time, since they all replace the same texture file. The retextures include changes to the skin itself, face, jewelry, eyes, and underwear. Enjoy! Vampyr + Dark Ranger Skins.zip
  2. He-hey there, Serijas here. You've stumbled over a blood elf skin recolor / retexture - have fun! Since the current High Elves look a bit blank, this Patch aims to improve on the weaker edges. The plan is to "HD"-fy the old faces/skins and give it more care so that the faces matter more than they did before. Possible plans are to include make-up, nail polish & underwear color variants as well. As of now, male high elves are currently excluded from the patch, but you're more than welcome to download it anyway. Seriously, do it. I will keep this topic up-to-date like a blog, should there be any issues please contact me over Discord: Serijas-ly#9725 Better High Elves Version 0.3 ↓↓ Click Here for the Download ↓↓ It's new, it's fresh and you'll like it a lot! ✅ Easy to Install | ✅ Contains a Readme | ✅ Packed in ZIP & Launcher-Tested | ✅ 0% Troll. 100% Elf. See the Changelog down below for more informations!
  3. Download Link https://mega.nz/folder/VQtGlSpS#rqHBEmCkesEBhk5xDUOytg Info Replaces two of the Nightborne child textures to make them appear as generic Night Elf, and Blood Elf/High Elf children instead. The Blood Elf/High Elf children don't have green eyes mainly so that they can be used interchangeably for Alliance and Horde elves, I guess. Before you ask why I would make this go ahead and look at the existing Blood Elf kid models, they're grotesque and I hate them. Known Issues/Bugs: There's an odd reddish glow on the male Blood Elf children's eyes, leftover from whatever makes the Nightborne eyes glow. I don't know how to remove this, but if you do and it pisses you off feel free to contact me. ID List: Blood Elf Boy - 69605 Blood Elf Girl - 69608 Night Elf Boy - 69606 Night Elf Girl - 69609 Screenshots:
  4. just a simple downport from retail extract the character folder and install as you would any patch ? before: after: SLBelfBlackHair.rar
  5. Uh, hi! Been awhile since this received an update. Nothing groundbreaking to add really, however I have added one new addition to the patch, updated one of the really old faces (Pre-dating Epsilon's release), and created a brand new gallery with updated imagery to help you, Epsilon Viewer, make a more well informed decision about whether this patch is for you or not! I am still accepting custom requests to be added to the patch, more of that information can be found in the installation guide below. Happy Holidays~! Installation is fairly simple, just extract the folder to your patches folder and activate it within the launcher, same as any other patch. If you'd like to contact me about possibly having me do a small personal edit for you my discord is Stellar#5459 I'm not really an artist so I'd keep the requests pretty simple, lips, eyeshadow, freckles, small piercings, beauty marks, and possibly a very simple tattoo (no promises). https://drive.google.com/file/d/14pliuBYpdLtNSQIeZVK4utsMRGQjyRDu/view?usp=sharing (Couldn't seem to attach the file to the post as I normally would, so it's been uploaded to google drive instead!)
  6. Hey, that's me again ! I share you my patch to add the Gnome goggles (from the heritage armor set) to Human and Bloodelf, both male and female. The patch swap the engineering goggles from Legion (see below). Little overview : Swapped model : Feel free to contact me on Discord or in game if you see me ! GnomeGoggles Human&BE.rar
  7. So the other day I was browsing through the internet, just scrolling through google images as I do when I stumbled across a few pieces of elf fan art. The following are concepts I and I think many others would live to see made patched. Exibit A: Black Elves https://imgur.com/a/enRAnPt https://imgur.com/a/XXhSftX These days it seems we all hate white people, so what better way to express our hate than by giving the single whitest race the option for a darker skin tone. Exibit B: Tattoo’dorei https://imgur.com/a/flPIzIr https://imgur.com/a/lIcVVwn https://imgur.com/a/TDUL4Bn I think a lot of people would enjoy dawning the fancy blue markings of a true high elf just like Alleria does. My suggestion is you would replace the textures for the old Burning Crusade demon hunter tattoo shirts (Since nobody uses these anymore) with high elf style tattoos. (A blood elf option would also be nice.) Then again I don’t know how you patch makers make this stuff work. Exibit ? Elven Face Markings https://imgur.com/a/6BF1kFE I know you saw a little of this in Exibit B but I think these should be separate, maybe you could connect these to the piercings tab in the character customization screen? Exibit ? Void Elf Improvements https://imgur.com/a/lLE9l8j When Blizzard released void elves I was... Unsatisfied, I believe a change in appearance as shown in the picture above would give them a little pizazz. All of these are but suggestions, but to see these photos used as inspiration for an awesome texture edit would be a welcomed addition to any elf player’s arsenal.