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Found 8 results

  1. • Type of Bug: NPC 'Lieutenant Sanders' spawning • Description: Every time the server crashes or restarts, Lieutenant Sanders falls out of the sky near our phase starting area. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): Screenshot attached. • Steps to reproduce: Server restart/crash. • Expected result: No Lieutenant Sanders. • Observed result: Lieutenant Sanders. • Reproduction rate: 100%. • Additional information: He disappears when the command .ph cleartemp is performed. I cannot locate a teleporter that is active in the phase that is summoning the NPC in its proximity. This has been consistent for almost a month. I would love for it to be something as simple as a prank, but I cannot find any gob nearby that would be conjuring him. I'm not going to delete him now for the sake of investigation. Please feel free to contact me in Discord or enter my phase to view him and his chicken-reeking splendor.
  2. Came across a bug in the old death knight starting zone map where all versions of the buildings of the Havenshire Farms (destroyed, in tact and the buildings I had placed in the previous patch) were all inside one another, and not editable through removing gobs or shifting the map. I went to the Builder's Society, and they helped me find the solution and the one way to remove these buildings that popped up from the new patch was to use the new command: .ph toggle objects off
  3. Good Evening, I am posting this because the usual fixes have not turned up results or changed the error message. Attempts at fixing have included: Running as administrator. Removing "Read Only" attribute. Changing ownership of folder and sub-folders and editing to "Full Control." This also includes using the Advanced settings to change folder ownership and permissions. Fresh Client install (as in, completely deleting the old Epsi folder and re-downloading the new client). Restarting the modem. Updating drivers. Changing "SET portal" in config.wtf to "play.epsilonwow.net" None of these have resolved the error or changed the text of the error itself. I'm confused on what's left to try; has anyone ever seen this particular type of CAS error before?
  4. trista33

    Error 121

    Everytime I try to acces a server, this error pops up. I downloaded epsilon yesterday, haven't touched any option
  5. Hello, I'm posting here in hopes of getting a response as I haven't been able to get a hold of anyone on Discord yet, but the each variant of the Gravewarden Set for death knights are missing their respective particles/glows aside from the Mythic variant, which displays correctly. At the very least, I'd like to bring this to attention because it's unfortunate that a rather nice armor set that matches well with several of the artifact skins lacks its main cosmetic features. -How the Mythic variant displays in Epsilon: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/755689855656394755/868945610529701958/unknown.png -How the Heroic (and normal) variants display in Epsilon: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/755689855656394755/868946129931337748/unknown.png -How the Heroic (and normal) variants should properly display: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/755689855656394755/868946518705578084/unknown.png
  6. Aight so- on the human male, the dreadlock textures tend to like- break? I'll include screens of it below. But basically, you can see the dreadlocks as normal in the character creation screen/even the barbershop, but the moment you finalize it the texture breaks and turns into this dark... blob?
  7. I don't know all that I could add to this, but when Undead females, without the Elf ear option, choose a helmet that takes off their mesh, like a hood that makes it so your hair disappears, the elf ears will show. It can be really annoying when your normal undead wants to wear a hood, but it's shown with elf ears, so to get around it you have to find a not mesh removing helmet and use the bald hairstyle to mimic it.
  8. The 2-handed mace artifacts are now being classified as shirts, the 'shirts' can be worn but the weapons no longer appear on one's character.