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  1. I just thought this might come in handy for people who don't want to spend time looking through all the results. Basically when you see custom item's ID the first one or two number refer to its sheath slot. For example we have item [sword_1h_crystal_c_02white]. By looking it up it's easy to find that ID 167801. (which on its own will not give you the desired item, it NEEDS the sheath) by doing .lookup item sword_1h_crystal_c_02white we see that it's ID's are 1167801, 2167801, ... we just match ID that is same for all of the items from the back. Again, only the first one or two numbers are for sheath so when we see ID 2167801, we know that 2 is for sheath and 167801 is the base item ID. (Because as will be later shown, sheath IDs go only to 13, so if weapon ID starts with 2, the 2 and only the 2 refers to the sheath) Now the main part. What are the sheath IDs and what sheath is: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1 - 2H, short two handed, that is 2 handed sword, axe, mace 2 - 2HL, long two handed, that is polearm, staff 3 - 1H, hip sheath, that is 1 handed sword, axe, mace 4 - shield sheath, on back 5 - fist-weapon sheath, makes your weapon invisible while sheathed 6 - strange back sheath, I think this was used for quivers in some way back in the days ___________________________________________________ 7 - 2H-range, that is gun and crossbow (visually same as 1) 8 - bow sheath 9 - hip sheath (visually same as 3) 10 - shield sheath (visually same as 4) 11 - same as 6 12 - invisible sheath 13 - invisible sheath +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ One important thing to keep in mind is that sheaths 7-13 mark your weapon as ranged. This is important because some spell require your weapon to be melee/ranged. Also marking melee weapon as ranged may cause some sheathing issues - like inability to sheath weapon.