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  1. "If we have any hope of surviving into the future, we must set aside our differences, learn from one another and let the wisdom of the Titans guide us through the coming perils." - Hazekus Name: Hazekus Gender: Male Race: Green Dragon Titles: Leader of the Brightflame Union, Guardian of the Dream, Lord Hazekus. Occupations: Druid Teacher, Watcher of the Dream. Relatives: David Tilley (Close-friend- Deceased), Issazus (Son - alive) Verastrasza (Soulmate) Affiliations: Cenarion Circle, The Green Dragonflight. Residence: Val'sharah (formerly), residing upon Dragonvine Isle. Appearance: He is covered in beautiful dark jaded scales, streams of large spikes that start out small but grow larger across his backside, only to return to being smaller as it reaches his tail end. He used to have a horn on the very front of his snout, but it appears to be missing completely. He has a large burn mark on his backside, not to mention a few minor scratches around his neck area from top to bottom. His right eye is completely missing. However, it was recently replaced with a green gem, the appearance of the gem is shaped like a normal eye. When faced with combat, the Emerald can be seen adorned with elven armor on his legs and backside. Personality: Nomadic: Being heavily attuned to the Dream and nature itself, Hazekus would wander the world, be it through disguise or flying, rarely staying in one location for long. Unless, of course, it is in dire help. Kind-hearted/Forgiving: Being a Green, Hazekus has kindness practically embedded in his blood. He is willing to help those that require his aid, but make no mistake, his allegiances can often change and he rarely stays on one side of the coin. He prefers assisting those with neutral interest and more so those that have strong ties towards nature and it's protection. He is also highly forgiving, believing people can change over time, through correct guidance and wisdom. Though, his forgiveness can reach a limit, should the individual continue the same action repeatedly and only in rare circumstances does Hazekus truly find someone unforgiving. Brave: When faced with utmost danger, Hazekus remains headstrong. Knowing fully well that his enemy would take great advantage of his fear, his impulsiveness. Even if he is forced to fight a foe that he cannot win against, he'll die fighting bravely until the very last breath. Patient: Hazekus takes the time to listen on conversations, remaining patient as he waits for his turn to speak out. He rarely, if at all, interrupts people. History: • Birthplace remains entirely unknown to many, Hazekus has only given mere scraps of details when it comes to his youthful life. Yet it only be described as joyful, yet also horrifying. • Primarily spent the majority of his time in Val'sharah, tasked with overseeing the growth and health of the Green whelps in the area. • Fought against the Twilight's Hammer and battled at Wyrmrest when it became under siege by Deathwing and the Twilight's Hammer. Hazekus was unhappy to learn the fate of their fertility and powers, realizing the doomed path the Dragons were now facing. • When the nightmare's influence started rising up, Hazekus did his utmost to avoid falling under it's dark corruption, maintaining his duty, watching over the whelps. Unfortunately, many of them fell under the nightmare's sway and despite his efforts, he found himself being forced to put them down. This would forever haunt the Green Dragon, and shortly after performing such mercy, he fled the region of Val'sharah, but not before witnessing the great eclipse from afar, seeing Ysera's form become the very stars itself - a constellation! • Fled towards Sholazar Basin, residing in a small abandoned Titan temple, after many months of walking among society, it was there he met and befriended David Tilley. Though this took much trust and great care, the two would become fast-allies and friends. • Founded the Brightflame Union, a small organization that sought to give Dragons both a future and a reason to unify, working alongside mortal kind as they would go on to battle the many threats of Azeroth, be it demons or minions of the Old Gods, nothing would stop them from seeing Azeroth's survival. • Witnessed Sargeras' stabbing of Azeroth from below, seeing the gigantic Dark Titan shook Hazekus to his very core, even more so when he watched the massive blade come crashing down upon the planet, shaking the very lands itself as nature cried out in terror. For a moment, he believed it was the end, but hope was reignited when Sargeras was pulled away from world, hearing his roar echo from below. • At somepoint in time, Hazekus assisted and oversaw the production of Ironshore's garden, ensuring the town's survival. After the disappearance of Kai Lancer, Hazekus sadly left Ironshore behind. • After a long time, he aimed to create a place of unity, a place where dragons could continue their duties and have an everlasting hope for their kind, with the aid of David Tilley, he founded the Brightflame Union. This union would work together alongside the mortal races, protecting Azeroth from various threats and overseeing the future for Dragonkind as a whole. • During the War of the Thorns, Hazekus did not partake in the bloodbath that ensued within Darkshore, despite the ties that the Green Dragonflight held with the Kaldorei. Observing the battlefield in the guise of an owl, he saw with his own eyes the burning of Teldrassil. Guilt had overwhelmed the Green, despite this, he returned to his home and leaving the Kaldorei to their fate, as it was not his place to intervene on the faction conflict. Characteristics: - Any mention of Val'sharah, let alone Ysera or the Emerald Nightmare causes Hazekus to have terrible memories of the event. - Highly trained in alchemy, creating various potions ranging from increasing one's strength in combat, poisons, health and agility. - Hazekus prefers fighting from afar, rather then facing his enemy in close quarters, housing impressive aerial maneuvers. Course, this was prior to him being grounded for the rest of his life. - Has an odd sense of humor. - Heavily respects the Tauren, finding their culture and history intriguing. - Remains interested in learning about the history of the world, especially when it comes to the Titans themselves. Allegiances: Being a dragon, Hazekus' allegiances can change whenever he desires or deems it necessary. He may work alongside the Alliance for a time, only to switch his allegiance towards the Horde. However, he hasn't worked for either side as his matters are more focused with the Cenarion Circle, remaining primarily neutral. Despite this, he views only a few races worthy of his allegiance, while he may view other races naive and frankly unwise. The Tauren/Shu'halo - Hazekus respects the Tauren, their deep connection towards nature and overall their culture. Therefore, he'd gladly assist the Tauren people should they ask aid of him, considering them wise and a proud race of Azeroth. Night elves/Kaldorei - His allegiance towards the Kaldorei shouldn't come as much of a surprise, given the history of Dragons and Elves working alongside each other since the days of the Well of Eternity, something that he wasn't around to witness, nevertheless Hazekus is always willing to lend his aid towards the Kaldorei, specifically those that dwell within Teldrassil. Disloyalties: Death Knights - Hazekus has a strong dislike for Death Knights, especially those of the Ebon Blade, believing they threaten the very balance of nature itself and considering their most recent action against the Red Dragonflight, it only furthers his hatred for them. On rare circumstances does he tolerate their presence, only when it meant fighting for a common cause. Goblins - If Hazekus was ever asked why he hate a strong distaste for goblins, he'd tell you with only two words: Greedy. Chaotic. He finds their kind insufferable, downright annoying and nothing more but trouble, only seeking to make profit at the end of the day. Although, there are a few exceptions, depending on the Goblin. If they are truly not out for greed, then he may yet tolerate their presence.