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  1. [Homeworld Bound] The battle against the Legion has just ended. Azeroth Herself is wounded by the deep thrust of Sargeras' sword. It's a grim time, and yet despite that the factions are already preparing for yet another war - one promising to outstrip all the rest in its bloodshed. For some, it was a wake up call. The last twenty years had been a parade of apocalyptic events, each one only requiring a single slip-up for everything to be over. For those people, enough was enough. They would find someplace else. From a handful of B.O.O.M. Project veterans, as well as skilled tinkers of several other races, Great Dark Beyond Incorporated was formed. Their mission statement: Finding a place to go that could be made into a worthwhile home, away from the constant dangers of Azeroth. They scoured Draenic star charts, reverse-engineered and innovated many technologies, and prepared a one-way mission aboard a massive colony ship named The Marigold. A planet was selected, one without a World-Soul, unlikely to draw the attention of cosmic powers seeking large sources of magic. Their target, Exoplanet X-2, was studied at great length while plans were drawn up to transform it from the barren rock it was into a paradise for future colonists. Despite the blueprint of their future, it would take a great deal of work - and a lot of hands. The vast void-traveling ship built and hanging silently in Azeroth's orbit, they began to seek out others who had a similar mindset about the world's constant peril, searching through applicants for those who would have the skills required to shape the new world they would call home. It was made abundantly clear: By the time The Marigold reached its destination, hundreds if not thousands of years would have passed on Azeroth. Even if it survived, returning was not an option. For some that was not a problem, and the rosters were filled. The cryopods filled and loaded, and before the Fourth War ended The Marigold drifted away from Azeroth into the depths of space... [OOC Information] <Homeworld Bound> is a guild-based roleplay centered around the colonization and terraforming of a planet far out in the Great Dark Beyond. It is a progressive mission-heavy constructive roleplay, where a dead world will slowly transform around the players through their own actions, until it becomes a lush paradise of their own making. Most communication will be handled through the discord, which can be found at https://discord.gg/8eYhzVYbBE The discord is for prospective and active guild members specifically. Discord required for membership. Most races will be permitted, with only few exceptions. Requests can be discussed with Derpy in the discord. Race restrictions largely will be around creatures either too big to fit in a pod, or from species that do not get along well with others. Classes that are restricted include Warlocks/Shadowcasters/Necromancers,, any corrupted magic users. Those who wield magics in general may find their agility to cast diminished at first. With no world soul, the planet being terraformed has no leylines, or great wealth of natural energy to draw upon. For some caster classes however (such as Druids, Shamans) their power will grow in time as things progress - and are highly valuable in their own way. Light Users are mostly unaffected. A number of important in-character positions are available. The phase will not be publicly hosted, however at a point there will be plenty of passive roleplay opportunities available between guildmembers.