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  1. I felt like playing a Sunwalker this week so I made a few Paladin-themed macros. 🙂 Some of these macros are brand new, some of them are spells from previous warrior & priest spell lists hybridized together and modified to switch as seamlessly as possible between hammer swinging and spell slinging. I've included 3 combat styles: Polearms, Two-Handed Weapons, One Handed (Shields & Torches Included) I've also included 3 casting styles: Casting with Bare Hands, Casting from a Libram / Tome, Casting spells out of a Weapon All of these were made for a female tauren character, so you may have to tinker with the poses a little bit. Have fun! ======================================================== Previews: ======================================================== https://i.gyazo.com/0146cecc23ef33f15f7b83531d24b243.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/dbc2d87ce1a012ba978a4e5dc230ba8b.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/bb5dba3bf8ea790cf7e37c2a9c95ec8d.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/955a60af9a75d7e87398607a7c2844bf.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/612658b1f13b725c5d23661c034d28e3.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/5fad6956af1d68e83077fd51465f5bd4.mp4 ======================================================== General Macros: ======================================================== General - Remove Effects - Clear All Spells: .unaura all /stopcasting /cleartarget .dismount .cheat fly off .mod anim 470 .mod anim 432 .demorph .mod scale 1.00 .mod speed 1.00 .cheat god on .combat .cheat slowcast off /g .rev .ph clear
  2. https://i.gyazo.com/73fe8468bd4b00bb9e8646ec1e119efe.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/a6a6e34fdcb5d70b41e518705a3c54ef.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/023eb4b3834f75b162e1af63e0279362.mp4 Heres some macros I use for my Tauren Warrior. Idk how they look on other races, but w/e have fun lol. ❤️ (P.S a lot of them are modified from my rogue spell list or just really old in general.) ===================================== Two Handed Barbarian Macros: ===================================== Melee: Cleave /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cool on .cheat cast on .u 203602 .u 245843 .u 173331 .u 199832 .c 6572 t .mod anim 505 Melee: Uppercut /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cooldown on .cheat casttime on .u 203602 .u 245843 .u 173331 .u 199832 .c 1715 t .u 1715 .mod anim 505 Melee: Overhead /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cooldown on .cheat casttime on .u 203602 .u 245843 .u 173331 .u 199832 .c 12294 t .c 34428 t .mod anim 505 Melee: Combo /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cool on .cheat cast on .mod anim 505 .u 203602 .u 245843 .u 173331 .u 199832 .c 6572 t /in 0.65 /g .c 1715 t /in 0.7 /g .u 1715 /in 1.3 /g .c 12294 t /in 1.3 /g .c 34428 t Melee: War Stomp /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cooldown on .cheat casttime on .ca 6343 t //.c 145181 t ===================================== One Handed Berserker Macros: ===================================== Melee: Slash /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cooldown on .cheat casttime on .u 203602 .u 245843 .u 173331 .ca 193315 t .ca 43978 t .mod anim 505 Melee: Slash & Slice /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cooldown on .cheat casttime on .u 203602 .u 245843 .u 173331 .ca 193315 t /in 0.50 /g .ca 197834 t .ca 43978 t .mod anim 505 Melee: Thrust /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cooldown on .cheat casttime on .u 203602 .u 245843 .u 173331 .ca 208224 t //.ca 2098 t .mod anim 505 Meele: Dual Wield Combo Light /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat co on .cheat ca on .u 203602 .u 245843 .u 173331 .mod an 470 .mod an 333 .ca 193315 t /in 0.50 /g .c 60103 t /in 1.11 /g .c 197834 t /in 1.65 /g .c 208224 t Melee: Dual Wield Combo Heavy /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat co on .cheat ca on .u 203602 .u 245843 .u 173331 .mod an 470 .mod an 333 .c 6572 t /in 0.7 /g .c 190297 t /in 1.5 /g .c 60103 t /in 2.3 /g .c 193315 t /in 2.8 /g .c 197834 t /in 3.4 /g .c 60103 t /in 4.0 /g .c 208224 t ===================================== Sword & Board Gladiator Macros: ===================================== Shield: Block /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cooldown on .cheat casttime on .c 203602 .c 245843 .c 173331 .c 199832 .mod anim 505 Shield: Bash /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cooldown on .cheat casttime on .u 203602 .u 245843 .u 173331 .u 199832 //.ca 42907 t .ca 23922 t .mod anim 505 Shield: Shoulder Check /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cooldown on .cheat casttime on .ca 23922 t .ca 6552 t .mod anim 505 Shield: Bash Combo /cleartarget /stopcasting .mod an 505 .cheat cool on .c 203602 .c 245843 .c 173331 .c 199832 /in 0.5 /g .u 203602 /in 0.5 /g .u 245843 /in 0.5 /g .u 173331 /in 0.5 /g .u 199832 /in 0.5 /g .ca 23922 t /in 0.55 /g .ca 6552 t /in 1.1 /g .ca 23922 t Shield: Bash & Thrust Combo /cleartarget /stopcasting .mod an 505 .cheat cool on .c 203602 .c 245843 .c 173331 .c 199832 /in 0.5 /g .u 203602 /in 0.5 /g .u 245843 /in 0.5 /g .u 173331 /in 0.5 /g .u 199832 /in 0.5 /g .ca 23922 t /in 0.82 /g .ca 208224 t Shield: Slash, Bash & Thrust Combo /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat co on .cheat ca on .u 203602 .u 245843 .u 173331 .mod an 470 .mod an 333 .c 6572 t /in 0.7 /g .c 190297 t /in 1.5 /g .ca 23922 t /in 2.3 /g .c 193315 t /in 2.8 /g .c 197834 t /in 3.4 /g .ca 23922 t /in 4.0 /g .c 208224 t ===================================== Dodges ===================================== Dodge: Roll /cleartarget /stopcasting .u 203602 .u 245843 .u 173331 .u 274467 .c 286428 t Dodge: Bloodborne Side-Step (Works best if targeting enemy) /stopcasting .cheat co on .cheat ca off .u 203602 .u 245843 .u 173331 .u 274467 .mod an 470 .mod an 333 .ca 284347 t .ca 193222 t /in 0.4 /g .c 71359 /in 0.6 /g .u 71359 Dodge: Darksouls Side-Roll Dodge (Works best if targeting enemy) /stopcasting .cheat co on .cheat ca off .u 203602 .u 245843 .u 173331 .u 274467 .mod an 470 .mod an 333 .ca 286428 t .ca 193222 t /in 0.4 /g .c 71359 /in 0.6 /g .u 71359 ===================================== Utilities: ===================================== Jump: Targetable Leap .unlearn 73325 /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cooldown on .cheat casttime on .learn 92832 /cast Leap of Faith Throw: Grenade /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat casttime on .cheat cooldown on .u 275595 .u 69322 .u 80264 .u 173331 .u 213845 .ca 23065 t .learn 280984 /cast Barrage of Many Bombs .mod anim 505 Shoot: Flintlock Pistol /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cooldown on .cheat casttime on .u 275018 .u 267396 .u 261965 .ca 274253 t .ca 43978 t .mod anim 505 Drink: Jug /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cooldown on .cheat casttime on .c 250647 .ca 157885 t ===================================== Animations & Poses: ===================================== Animation: One Handed Stance /stopcasting /cleartarget .mod an 470 .mod an 333 Animation: Two Handed Stance /stopcasting /cleartarget .mod anim 470 .mod anim 375 .u 245843 .u 75511 .u 66111 Animation: Polearm Stance /stopcasting /cleartarget .mod anim 470 .mod anim 425 .un 245843 .un 75511 .un 66111 .un 275258 Animation: Heavy Swings .un 275258 .mod anim 470 .mod anim 596 Animation: Light Swings .un 275258 .mod anim 470 .mod anim 567 Animation: Guard Idle Stance I .u 173331 .u 275258 .c 200336 t .mod anim 470 .mod anim 714 Animation: Guard Idle Stance II .u 173331 .u 275258 .c 200336 t .mod anim 470 .mod anim 717 Animation: Polearm Idle Hold /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cooldown on .cheat casttime on .ca 173331 t .ca 199832 t .unaura 202286 Animation: Weapon on Shoulder Idle Hold /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cooldown on .cheat casttime on .ca 202286 t .ca 199832 t .unaura 173331 ===================================== Weapon Oils: ===================================== Poison: .lo ench Agility / .ca 212061 t Fire: .lo ench Mark of Bleeding Hollow Moonlight: .lo ench Jade Spirit Arcane: .lo ench Chronos Shadow: .lo ench Mark of Shadowmoon Solar: .lo ench Mark of the Shattered Hand Holy: .lo ench X Spell Power (2343) Faerie Fire: .lo ench Butterflies Lightning: .lo ench Crackling Lightning Frost: .lo ench X Weapon Damage (4746) Water: .lo ench River's Song ===================================== Extra Stuff: ===================================== Move Forward: .ca 271309 t Move Backward: .ca 256122 t Move Sideways: .ca 193222 t Silent Backflip: .ca 149410 t Disengage: .ca 284347 t Mainhand Throw: .ca 23065 t Offhand Throw: .ca 23065 t .ca 127555 t Spinning Back Offhand: .ca 60103 t Swinging Slap Offhand: .ca 100130 t Swinging Mainhand: .ca 6572 t Swinging Dual Wield: .ca 7384 t Whirlwing Swing: .ca 190297 t Savage Combo: .cast 184367 t Two-Hand Uppercut: .ca 1715 t ... Bonus Meme: Punch Knockdown - NPC Targeted: .c 6754 Bonus Meme: FEMALE DWARF DANCING BATTLE STANCE - OOCH ME ALE EDITION: .MORPH 37918 .mod anim 233 .cast 157544 .cast 100241 .cast 10062 .cast 91935 .cast 147602 .ca 200336 .cast 160820 .ca 173331
  3. Slate’s Guide to Texture & Detaildoodad Shifting CONTENTS: 1. Textures 2. Detaildoodads 3. Command list 4. Tips If the forum format is hard to read, the prettier version is also found here. 1. TEXTURES ADT textures are divided into diffuse and height. The diffuse layer is the base texture of the map. Height is an overlay layer and only visible when two textures overlap. The maps implemented before MoP typically only have a diffuse layer, so let’s start by looking at those. STEP 1: Find out the ID of the texture you want to swap. The command for this is .world adt texinfo diffuse This can be shortened in a number of ways. I typically type .wo adt texi diff, but the shortest I’ve found to work is .wo a t d Here we have the textures for Burning Steppes. Find out the one you want to change: Let’s go with burningsteppsashcracks - 186936. Write that down. Your ground should currently look like this: STEP 2: Find out the ID of the replacement texture. There are two ways to do this: 1. Go to a zone with the texture you want to use, and use .world adt texinfo diffuse to find out its ID. 2. Look it up with a keyword. The command for this is .lookup tiletexture, or shortened, .lo tilet Use a keyword. Let’s go with “8riv_grass” for now: As you can see, we are getting both diffuse and height textures, since Stormsong Valley is a post-MoP zone. While diffuse and height can be used interchangeably to replace one with the other, I recommend you choose the same kind of texture as the one you are shifting. We’re focusing on diffuse, so let’s choose a diffuse texture, for example 8riv_grass03 - 1671254. If you do replace a diffuse texture with a height texture, it will look shiny. This is because they are less transparent than diffuse textures, and the less transparent a texture is, the more reflective it will be. STEP 3: Time for the actual shifting! The command for this is .phase shift texture map diffuse [Original] [Replacement] You can shorten this to .ph sh tex map dif [Original] [Replacement], or even as short as .ph sh t m d So, in our case, the original ID for burningsteppsashcracks is 186936, and our replacement 8riv_grass03 is 1671254, so our command will look like this: .ph sh t m d 186936 1671254 Let’s try it out. You should get this message: Your ground textures should look like this: If they do, congratulations! You have successfully phase shifted a ground texture. If you need to reset your texture shift, simply use .ph sh tex map dif [Original ID] 0 - this will restore the original texture. A lot of times, finding out which texture and which detaildoodad is which can be difficult, and unfortunately I have no other advice for that than to test things. Trial and error are how I figured it out. Persistence and above all, patience will get you far. This is also why you really should write everything down. Okay, let’s look at height textures. As mentioned before, height textures are not typically found in maps implemented before MoP. Let’s go to Snowblossom Village - since it’s an island expedition map implemented in BfA, it has both height and diffuse layers. The pathway in the village, unchanged, looks like this: First step is to shift the diffuse textures. This is the diffuse texture for the path - let’s change it to a Stormsong cobble road. As you can see, the diffuse texture ID is nearly identical to the height texture ID, just one higher. This is useful if you want to quickly change your chosen diffuse ID to a height ID or vice versa. When you’ve done your diffuse shifting, your tile path should look something like this: You can see that the lines of the 8zul_tile texture are still present - this is because of the height texture being unchanged. The commands are the same for identifying and shifting as with diffuse textures, with the exception being that we’re working with height, so the commands should obviously have “height” in them instead of “diffuse”. So: .world adt texinfo height Again, this can be shortened to something .wo adt texi hei or even .wo a t h Find the ID: Find the replacement - for us, 8riv_cobble. The command is .phase shift texture map height [Original] [Replacement] So, shortened .ph sh tex map hei or .ph sh t m h if you want to go even shorter. For our purposes in Snowblossom, the command should look like .ph sh tex map hei 1591651 1892671 Your pathway should now look like this: If it does, congratulations! You’ve passed this little crash course to texture shifting. Again, patience, persistence, and testing things out will get you far. Feel free to experiment with different things. If you have wow.export, you can tick “show file data IDs” - with these, you can use any texture for phase shifting purposes. Open your textures tab and go wild. Here I’ve shifted “8zul_moss01_512_s.blp” to a spell effect. It might not always work out - but the possibilities are endless. Take a tea/coffee/water/drink of your choice break - we’ll continue with detaildoodads below. 2. DETAILDOODADS So, detaildoodads! In case you don’t know what detaildoodads are, they’re these little pieces of grass that poke out of the ground. Little doodads for detail, if you will. They come in numerous shapes and forms. Experimentation is recommended and, quite honestly, necessary. STEP 1: Identify. The command is .world adt detailinfo As always, you can shorten this. .wo a d is the shortest I’ve found to work. You should get a list like this: Focus on the IDs that list Doodads 1-4 under them. In my experience, the other detailIDs don’t seem to do anything. Let’s shift Detail ID 149908. STEP 2: Find your replacement. Again, there are two ways to find a replacement: 1. Go to a zone with the detaildoodad you want to use, and use the .world adt detailinfo command. 2. Use .lookup detaildoodad with a keyword. Here’s my results for .lo detail 8kul : For fun, let’s use Detail ID 133430 with the shells. STEP 3: Shift! The command is .phase shift detaildoodad map [original] [replacement] So, after inserting our IDs, our command should look like .phase shift detaildoodad map 149908 133430 Your ground should look like this: If it does, congratulations! You’ve successfully shifted some detaildoodads. Detaildoodads are often tricky and it can be difficult to figure out which ID shifts what doodads and, on bigger maps, where they shift. Just like with textures, patience, persistence, and experimentation will get you far. 3. COMMAND LIST .world adt texinfo [ diffuse / height ] - Gives you a list of diffuse / height textures present on the map .world adt detailinfo - Gives you a list of detaildoodads present on the map .lookup tiletexture / detaildoodad - Use a keyword to find replacement IDs .phase shift texture map [diffuse / height] [original] [replacement] - Shifts the specified diffuse / height texture on the map to the replacement texture .phase shift texture map [diffuse / height] [original] 0 - Restores the original texture .phase shift detaildoodad map [original] [replacement] - Shifts the specified detaildoodad to the replacement .phase shift detaildoodad map [original] -1 - Removes all of the specified detaildoodad on the map .phase shift detaildoodad map -1 [replacement] - Replaces all detaildoodads on the map with the specified replacement .phase shift detaildoodad map -1 -1 - Removes all detaildoodads on the map 4. TIPS When phase shifting textures and detaildoodads, write everything down. The texture names and IDs, which texture you shift to which. Whether you do this in a digital document or on paper is up to you - though of course a digital document is handier for copying and pasting IDs. It’s much easier to write everything down while doing the shifting than going back afterwards to figure out exactly what texture it was that you used for what. (Though the latter, of course, is possible - just annoying and time-consuming. Speaking from experience, here.) Never use the same replacement ID twice. This will cause errors. This goes for both textures and detaildoodads. This is why you should write everything down - it is very easy to get mixed up with IDs and what’s been shifted to what. The texture ID for the infinite flatlands is 532473. Happy shifting 🙂 This concludes our phase shifting crash course. Good luck, and have fun!
  4. Okay, I think I may have overdone it a little bit this time... -------------------------------------------- Preview - Rituals: https://i.gyazo.com/5b55c69becb794e93a1ead2eaee49398.mp4 Preview - Projectiles: https://i.gyazo.com/5ac2799ee4ca2597b18976b09025ad24.mp4 Preview - Explosions: https://i.gyazo.com/afa080b3017f66445383dad661abe940.mp4 Preview - Debuffs: https://i.gyazo.com/44ef427fb43cb61221078ac822235862.mp4 Preview - Wand Spells: https://i.gyazo.com/f3cc23bfe0fbb975fb49a20b4c0f7e92.mp4 Preview - Multibox Morphs: https://i.gyazo.com/f26cb622b38bf7c61d68e98d5db0ddc8.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/ada1aaccd0b46066c1ed82dccea2ee74.mp4 --------------------------------------------
  5. https://i.gyazo.com/e30712fc1343633a78f81710d28d90a6.mp4 Heres some worgen macros I use because it's halloween I guess lmao 😂 Shapeshift: Male Worgen: .unaura all /stopcasting /cleartarget .dismount .cheat fly off .ca 68996 .morph 37915 .mod scale 1.00 .mod speed 1.00 .cheat god on /g .rev .c 81908 t Shapeshift: Female Worgen: .unaura all /stopcasting /cleartarget .dismount .cheat fly off .ca 68996 .morph 37914 .mod scale 1.00 .mod speed 1.00 .cheat god on /g .rev .c 81908 t How To Remove Worgen Facial Hair: .add 169924 ^ Add & Wear this Claw & Bite Melee Combo: /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cool on .cheat cast on .c 37454 t /in 0.8 /g .c 133468 t /in 0.8 /g .c 37454 t /in 1.8 /g .c 294031 t /in 1.81 /g .c 296276 t .mod an 27 Worgen Leap: .unlearn 73325 /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cooldown on .cheat casttime on .learn 92832 /cast Leap of Faith Run On All Fours: /stopcasting /cleartarget .u 199832 .ca 262421 t .mod sp 2.5 .mod anim 470 .mod anim 557 Worgen Stealth: /stopcasting /cleartarget .ca 80264 t .ca 37802 t Sniffing & Detecting Eye .c 298085 t .mod anim 4506 See Through Walls Demon Hunter "Scent" Vision: Worgen: Vision /cleartarget /stopcasting .cheat cast on .cheat cool on .c 160505 .c 199866 .mod speed 1
  6. I wrote a Vulpera RP Guide for those who like Vulpera and may want to RP one, but don't know much about them! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IehTNMAyJDDAsvykcTL4wxXZaMaCu3uC9I7MypnXwzs/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Installing Custom Content This post will be divided into two sections, one section will detail the installation of custom patches, the second section will be reserved as a guide for installing Add-Ons. Contents: Installing patches Installing addons Note: Installing Custom Patches and Add-Ons runs the risk of damaging your client or causing you to crash. If you encounter a problematic patch or Add-On, get in touch with the author of the patch/add-on. Installing Patches Recommended Software: 7-zip Installing patches isn't overly difficult; but it can be a bit confusing on where to extract patch folders/files to. When downloading patches, be sure to look out for any readme .text files or install instructions on the patch download page for any special instructions laid out by the author. Step 1. Once you have downloaded a patch from the internet, navigate to the directory on your computer where it got downloaded to. Note: This is most commonly your downloads directory, located in Windows Explorer's Quick Access menu as shown below: Step 2. Once in your downloads directory, locate the downloaded file. This file could have any of the following file extensions: .zip, .rar, .7z, as displayed below: Example Patch Download Location Step 3. Right click on the downloaded file and in the context menu that appears, select: Open, or if you have 7zip installed, 7-zip->Open archive. Context menu for opening compressed archives. Step 4. Once you've clicked open or open with 7-zip you should find yourself inside the compressed archive, Take note of what folders are present within the archive. Left: Opening the .zip file within Windows Explorer. Right: Opening the .zip file with 7-zip. Within the opened archive should be folders with any of the following names: Character, Creature, Item, World, Spell, TILESET, dungeon, etc. If there is only one folder present within the archive and it does NOT match any of the folder names mentioned earlier, go into it and you should find the patch related folders there. Step 5. Keeping the archive open, open a new instance windows explorer, and navigate to where your EpsilonWoW directory is. e.g: C:\Games\EpsilonWoW, E:\Games\EpsilonWoW. Example Epsilon Directory Step 6. Position your EpsilonWoW directory, and the .zip or .rar archive window side-by-side, and highlight all the folders in the patch archive, Step 7. Drag the highlighted folders by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse across to your Epsilon directory. Once your mouse is within your EpsilonWoW directory, let go of the left mouse button. Note: Alternatively, with the folders highlighted, you can right click any of the highlighted folders->click copy, and paste into your root Epsilon directory as you would any other file. The folders will be copied to your Epsilon directory. When done, your Epsilon directory should contain patch folders such as: character, creature, item, world, tilesets, dungeon, sound etc. Example of a patched Epsilon directory. That's it, you can now launch your newly patched game.
  8. We're all very aware how broken apart most, if not all, Kul Tiran objects are. A similar situation to some Zandalari-based objects. I wouldn't know, I haven't touched them (yet). Blizzard has taken a different step when it comes to the construction of buildings when BfA came around. As shown by the blank models littering the list of Kul Tiras objects, they have taken the route of: Lego Building. Basically scrapping the already made models. I have no idea what to even call it, bare with me. Essentially, they make a fuckton of smaller objects, maybe a few bigger ones (WMOs), and put them together. This makes almost every Kul Tiran building that exists unique. So here's a list of examples with a list of objects they use! Go wild! Impress others! Wow! May look smaller due to it being resized on retail. (Curse WMO limitations) [Simple Stone Bridge] -8hu_kultiras_bridge_narrow01_ramp01.wmo (874890) -8hu_kultiras_bridge_medium01_span01.wmo (874886) TIP: Add extra ramps even if a majority clips into the ground, it will make the curb go into the ground and not abruptly end into nothingness. Ah shit, here we go. [Complicated Fishing Docks or something] -8hu_kultiras_docks_stairsnarrow02.wmo (874900) -8hu_kultiras_docks_wide01.wmo (874894) wide03.wmo (874892) >Possibly my favorite objects wide02.wmo (874893) -8hu_kultiras_docks_planknarrow01.m2 (877242) -8hu_kultiras_docks_narrow03.wmo (874896) narrow02.wmo (874897) narrow01.wmo (874898) -8hu_kultiras_docks_pillar01.wmo (874979) pillar02.wmo (875141) > These two are very commonly used as support for numerous Kul Tiran constructs. Or as banner stands. -8hu_kultiras_stairjunction_tall_narrow_01.wmo (874787) \ narrow_02.wmo (875030) > Commonly used for support, walls, platforms, staircases. narrow_03.wmo (875042) / -8hu_kultiras_shipbarge01.wmo (875407) -8hu_kultiras_marketstall03_green.m2 (878554) marketstall01_green.m2 (878552) -8hu_kultiras_lamppost01.m2 (875936) unlit.m2 (875939) -8hu_kultiras_fencerope01.m2 (876034) fencerope02.m2 (876036) fencerope03.m2 (876037) fencerope01_post.m2 (876035) -8hu_kultiras_crane01.m2 (876341) crane02.m2 (876342) -8hu_kultiras_bar01.m2 (877795) bar02.m2 (877796) TIP: Don't be afraid of NOT using tiles. As useful or fancy as they are, they can be difficult to work with when making sidewalks or docks or whatever. Explore the possibilities with "8hu_kultiras_docks_wide01.wmo" and "8hu_kultiras_docks_narrow03.wmo" variations (one includes a 45 degree turn). "smallhouse" objects can easily be used to create a city. [Two Story City House] -8hu_kultiras_fencerope01.m2 (876034) fencerope02.m2 (876036) fencerope03.m2 (876037) fencerope01_post.m2 (876035) -8hu_kultiras_docks_wide01.wmo (874894) wide03.wmo (874892) wide02.wmo (874893) -8hu_kultiras_docks_narrow03.wmo (874896) narrow02.wmo (874897) narrow01.wmo (874898) -8hu_kultiras_docks_pillar01.wmo (874979) pillar02.wmo (875141) -8hu_kultiras_stairjunction_tall_narrow_01.wmo (874787) narrow_02.wmo (875030) narrow_03.wmo (875042) -8hu_kultiras_docks_stairsnarrow02.wmo (874900) -8hu_kultiras_smallhouse_01_interior.wmo (875162) -8hu_kultiras_smallhouse_roof_01.wmo (874671) \ roof_02.wmo (874672) > Sorry the roof got clipped, pick one. (875158 for a destroyed version of roof_01) roof_03.wmo (874673) / -8hu_kultiras_lamppost01.m2 (875936) -8hu_kultiras_smallhouse_entrance_03.wmo (875031) -8hu_kultiras_smallhouse_base_03.wmo (874676) TIP: Don't be afraid of adding windows or doors to a "base" object. Can easily become a basement of sorts or simply a small stone building. For your bandit/outlaw/whatever needs. [Outdoor Bar + House] -8hu_kultiras_smallhouse_base01.wmo (874665) -8hu_kultiras_smallhouse_01.wmo (874664) > Use interior version if you fancy that. (875162) -8hu_kultiras_smallhouse_roof_01.wmo (874671) \ roof_02.wmo (874672) > Much like the last one, use whichever you like. Use ".gob go" for that perfect fit. Objectmover addon recommended. roof_03.wmo (874673) / -8hu_kultiras_docks_narrow03.wmo (874896) narrow02.wmo (874897) narrow01.wmo (874898) -8hu_kultiras_bar01.m2 (877795) bar02.m2 (877796) -8hu_kultiras_docks_pillar01.wmo (874979) pillar02.wmo (875141) -[Table unspecified, probably doesn't exist in the object ID list or is something else entirely] -8hu_kultiras_chandelier02.m2 (877953) chandelier01.m2 (876051) -8hu_kultiras_hangingbarrels01.m2 (878505) hangingbarrels02.m2 (878506) -8hu_kultiras_docks_plankwide01.m2 (877243) > A lot of these are used for roads, but mainly for unfinished ceilings or chandelier hanging spots. -8hu_kultiras_smallhouse_entrance_03.wmo (875031) -8hu_kultiras_hanginglantern01.m2 (876940) hanginglantern02.m2 (877821) hanginglantern03.m2 (877831) -8hu_kultiras_walldeco01.m2 (877501) -6hu_jewelcrafting_stool.m2 (228651) NOTE: Alas, re-scaling or rotating WMOs is still impossible. Perhaps one day we will gain such an ability. So do your best! More coming soon™