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  1. In the beginning... ...we thrived just as any other living creature has. For the longest time we have fought; through civil conflicts and genocide we have managed to regather ourselves and rebuild. We have learned from our past mistakes, we have paid penance for our sins and we have fought to create a better world. Through our blood and sweat, flowing with passion and determination, we have endured in the hopes of providing a life of comfort and security for our later generations. Such a tragedy it was then, when the Gods deemed us unfit to live, and sentenced us to our deaths. I remember the day the omens started; our end. How do you find the will to go on when the very Gods now demand you lay down your lives and submit to their re-origination. It has been sixteen years since our annihilation begun. Sixteen years of hopeless struggle against a plague specifically designed to twist and eradicate all life. Designed by the Gods... I cannot begin to count the men and women and children who have given their lives so that we all may continue to fight. I cannot admit how severely we are losing, regardless of their sacrifice. The casualties in the millions by the first year, we have been steadily losing on every front. Every time we find a weakness, we are thwarted. Every time hope begins to shine, we are stamped out under the cold boot of the Prah'nahanni and its diseased legion. Hope faltered. Its flame eternally extinguished. Until our Maji found a tome. Four years ago our elder Maji were researching an old tome in the Library of the Lord and Lady. The tome was ancient, the text predating many civilizations. Upon deciphering the pages, the eldest Maji contacted the Order of August, a covenant of all the nation's businesses and leaders, and spoke of a life changing discovery. As we gathered, the old Maji revealed the location of a gateway that was built by the gods, leading to a place only known as Sister. This strange old majick put off many of the Order, since most majicks were regulated or outlawed. But the Gateway… it was worth the risk. It was agreed that I and a few other nation's leaders would set out to secure the gateway's location. We set up a foothold around the gateway, putting together a makeshift fort in case of Prahlioth incursion. Once fortified. the Maji spoke the words, and the ancient gateway exploded with light. It was silent at first, then a loud crack and clap of thunder shook the ground. The air tore in half like a punctured piece of parchment and on the other side, we glimpsed a desert. Elated by the success of this portal, uncertainty began to settle in. What we would find in this world recorded only as Sister? We cross the portal, ten Conquirants, to scout the Far-lands of Sister, determined to find what lie on the other side. Unfortunately, our Conquirant expedition was shortly put into custody after we passed through the strange gateway, arrested by Sister's natives. After we were released from our captors for trespassing on a holy ground, we discovered we were let loose in a land called Uldum, in a world not called Sister, but Azeroth. We ventured out into the world, and oh the sights we saw. Great clans lead by green-skinned creatures- Orcs in their tongue. Giant stone ruins of such grandeur belonging to an ancient civilization; the Kaldorei. Me and my compatriots stumbled upon many wonders of the Far-lands. A massive city of white stone lead by Leothil, a gathering of nature worshipers and powerful druids by Starseeker, a holy order- an Iron Sacrament. I've ventured to the outposts of the mighty Horde, became allies with those of the Forsaken, explored the great empire of Silvermoon through its numerous trials. I've witnessed the Deathbringer and spoke to Soulforges, imposing and powerful. By the gods, you’ve even fought off your progenitors and convinced them your world is worth preserving. Of all my time on this world wandering the lands and hearing your tales for four years, I've come to a conclusion... You are as destructive and chaotic and sinful as us, which raises a question... Why do you deserve to live, and we don't? The Races of Talahmnord...