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  1. Sirtalis

    Enlighten me

    Hello lovely and I don’t want to be loved folks of this community, be it wretched to say it or forsaken, I’m a avid RPHER, now I enjoy RPH but it’s become over the last year pretty dead to me, and even though I’ve donated and have literally every perk one could dream of to set up roleplay, it’s just..well boring. The most you’ll see is erp now a days or shitty remakes of the same phases or owners, as such to reach out to another station of either private or public roleplay I come here to seek what has offered, I noticed some questionablely well looking mobs, and I suspect similar systems on the note of making items, but truly I’d like to hear it. So please, can someone enlighten me what RPH shares/does not have/unique features, etc of here? I have a laptop and while now a recluse to most games besides a few, I do value my space, and interaction, so anything else such as population, and what for I’d like to hear. RPH May be better in some terms of cotnent, and such but with corona, I couldn’t care less to hear it. Please correct me if this location is wrong and keep any drama out of here. Least be said some people I know have a thing for RPH and vice versa here even on these post, thank you! -Tali’s/August/Elydrian