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  1. MindScape's Addon Emporium - Introduction First off, hello, welcome, hope you're enjoying EpsilonWoW! Now then - the following is a compendium of addons that I personally use, have made, or have seen others use and might be helpful or interesting to others. I know it's rather annoying to look through all of Curse and then the forums here to find all the addons you want, or see others using, so I'm trying to make the task easier for those who just want to get going, but still want the extra features that addons bring. I'll be splitting these addons up into categories, but a lot of them overlap into different sections, so I'd advise checking them all out! R - Highly Recommended M/M - I made this for you! (Color = I made it, Grey = I edited it for compatibility or new features) E - Custom/Edited Version for Epsilon NOTE: If it has a VERSION listed after from a Curse / WoWAce website, that means that you need that specific version for 7.3.5. - Addons Chat / Logging: Gear / Spells: RolePlay / Immersion: Functionality / Misc.: Building / GObjects: - Thank you! Thanks for taking the time to check out my list here, and I hope it was helpful and introduced you to an addon you'll come to love, or just gave you quick and easy links to get the ones you knew you wanted already, and thus saved you searching! If there's anything you wish added to this list, please post it in a comment below and I'll definitely check it out. Thanks again, and enjoy!