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Found 3 results

  1. This patch contains two different retextures of the red-eyed dark ranger skin for blood elves, with the option to have underwear and the option to not. I recommend using the option without underwear if your character uses any of the demon hunter tattoos. Inside the first ZIP folder you will find four ZIP folders, each with a unique skin attached and named respectively. Those are the folders that you want to insert into the client. You can only have one applied at a time, since they all replace the same texture file. The retextures include changes to the skin itself, face, jewelry, eyes, and underwear. Enjoy! Vampyr + Dark Ranger Skins.zip
  2. Hello hello! I've decided to publically post a small patch of mine which I've worked on. As someone who loves undead creatures and elves, I figured I'd make my own edit of the red eyes for Darkfallen elves, to a more detailed look from their simple plain red eyes. It's only a small edit, but I imported and altered the eye texture to be that of Sylvanas' eyes in Shadowlands. Example pictures, for those interested; Preview Another edit for more gothic face textures might come in the future, but for now, I'll leave it at the eyes. I hope those interested enjoy the edit! ་ ، ˖ ࣪ ☽ DarkfallenEyes.rar
  3. The Rosalia patch, or Leffy patch, is a collection of pieces I made for the customisation of my main character, the smol goth vampyr waifu, Rosalia/Lia/Rose/Rosa/Leffy, and other Vampyr. It includes two edited skins to replace the Whitemane skin and also the Nathanos Skin. It also includes an edited Death Knight Eye glow (which can be used universally by putting it into a separate race/sex folder. I.E. character/bloodelf/female. This changes the blue glow to a vermillion for the Death Knight of that specific race and sex.) It also includes a collection of hair conversions from the Void Elf and Kul Tiran hair models to the female human. Note: Kul Tiran and Void Elf Hair conversions for Human Males in separate patch. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/czddy18a1erra8v/Leffy_Patch%21.zip/file SCREENSHOTS: https://imgur.com/a/0pJ3lo2