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Hey guys, back at it again with some fucking mods. Woohoo!!!! H-haha I'm totally not losing my mind!!!

Memes aside, I'm going to keep this super short and just direct you to some shit I've worked on and finished importing - though I'm still considering this a huge WIP, since there are some kinks to kick out eventually. Such as some textures not being done, and other things.

Here's a look at the batch: https://imgur.com/a/LB43J Enjoy the album.

I'm willing to pass out the patch early if people are fine with some of the things that haven't been finished yet - but this will probably remain a WIP for a while as I'm taking a break from doing this. Just get at me via the forums, Discord - or catch me in game on Daniel.

Shameless plug of my other patch: 

(Note: somethings in my previous patch might conflict with my new one - I'm too lazy to take a look at it all.)

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