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The Azeroth Times - COMING SOON

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In a press statement from the accomplished T&P Publishing Company, CEO and Chief Publicist Trix Paperwrench claimed her intent to begin publishing an informative source of news that covers events from the world over. The release states,

"We here at T&P Publishing have been looking at going into a newspaper publication for some time now, and our chief concerns center around providing an informed reader with reliable, unaltered information about the world around them. The last thing we want to do is profit off the fear of others, or spread misinformation for our own gain. Our only concern is to provide the real news from the real world to real people, and we hope to accomplish that with the dispatch of our seasoned, experienced journalists and reporters to the most populated areas of Azeroth, as well as smaller areas that may provide more interesting stories and a view of the world people seldom get to see these days. We will be dispatching our reporters soon into the New Year, and publication is expected to begin shortly afterward."


The Azeroth Times is a forum-based Newspaper service (That will shift in-game as soon as Writable Books become a reality). It will focus on highlighting different phases and phase events, as well as fictional events across Azeroth. It'll even include an entirely custom Sports Season (Battle-Ball, go Gnomeregan Tinkers!). It will also include fictional Azerothian politics (A light amount), current events from Retail story progression, and of course, advertisements.

Publication scheduled to start Monday, January 8th, here on the forums

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That is one good idea right there.


However if it will be fake news, we will deport you to RPH.

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Ahem. I believe you'll find that Footbomb is the better sport. Also the Bilgewater Buccaneers are going to win the next season.


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