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PJDJ - cross client music player addon

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'Cross-client music player'

Source Code

Current release: 1.12 Last Updated: 27/08/2019


• Play music with friends, or on your own. Make your own music packs to share with others to play in-game.
• Search for the music you want with an easy to use filtering system.



/pj help - Displays a list of commands and relevant help text for them.
/pj join $channelName - join a music channel to listen to music with others.
/pj list $filter - search through sound files to play.



Extract the PJDJ and PJDJ_MusicList folders from the downloaded .zip file to your EpsilonWoW\interface\addons directory.



Optional Content

Battle for Azeroth Music: download (850MB .zip archive)


Extract sound folder in BfAMusic.zip to your root EpsilonWoW directory.

BfA music for TotalRP3: download (.lua file)


Copy and Paste the downloaded musicList.lua file to your EpsilonWoW\interface\addons\totalRP3\resources folder and overwrite the existing file.


Bugs etc should be submitted here, or to me on Discord: Gardener#8000


Edited by Graydon
Updated 27/08/2019

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reservded for making music Packs

Making Music Packs

Download template here.

Required software: Notepad or any other text editor.

  1. Extract PJDJ_Pack_Template into World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons
  2. Change the name of the folder to whatever your music pack's name will be.
  3. Enter your newly renamed folder.
  4. Rename PJDJ_Pack_Template.toc to what your recently renamed folder is. (If you named the folder TownRP, rename the file TownRP.toc
  5. Open up your .toc file with notepad, change title and author to reflect proper values. e.g. what the music pack is called. Save.
## Interface: 70300
## Title: PJDJ - Template
## Version: 1
## Notes: Template Pack for GPlayer
## Author: Grandmaster Pa
## DefaultState: Enabled
## RequiredDeps: PJDJ
  1. (6) Open up Pack_Tunes.lua and you should be greeted with the following.
packName = "YOUR_PACK_NAME_HERE"; --Set your music pack name here.

	"interface/addons/PJDJ_Pack_Template/sounds/03. Boney M - Daddy Cool.mp3",	-- Add additional sound paths to array.
	"must/follow/this/format.mp3", --path/to/file.mp3 

Change YOUR_PACK_NAME_HERE to whatever you want.


Now comes the tricky part.

Copy audio files to world of warcraft\interface\addons\PACKNAME\sounds\


Now in Pack_Tunes.lua we want to add this to the music list. Please keep in mind that WoW is pretty fussy with how you do things.

Below     "interface/addons/PJDJ_Pack_Template/sounds/03. Boney M - Daddy Cool.mp3",

Add   "interface/addons/YOURPACKNAME/sounds/YOURADDEDSONG.mp3",

Continue adding lines in the same format to add songs.

For example:



When you're done, save. Load up your game, join a channel and filter through your music with /pj list.

Share your packs with friends!

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4 minutes ago, trixiewish said:

приємно! гарна робота!

Трикси 47-я хромосома !

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Updated addon and forum thread with various bugfixes

and BfA music.

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