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Patch Notes

This patch contains a model edit for human males with which you will be able to get very close to Khadgar's WoD look. It includes recolors for all the human kingdoms and a robe part which mimics his robes in WoD. For now, it does not have the actual bottom 3D piece due to problems with weight painting it and modeling it onto the human male model, which is probably too fat to fit them on in any reasonable manner anyways. It also works only for the aforementioned model, however, I do intend on making a female version as well. To install the patch, simply drop the folder called "item" into your WoW directory. If you want to delete the patch, just remove it. Screenshots in spoilers. Enjoy the patch.

- Khadgar's WoD chestpiece

*Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Black version

- Khadgar-themed Robes

*Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Black version 

- Works only for human males (for now)

- Replaces Warrior T19 and all its recolors

- This patch is still WIP. If you encounter any problems, please, let me know.

Download Link: 


Item IDs:

138351 - Chest (Normal - Blue, Heroic - Green, Mythic - Red, LFR - Purple)

135671 - Chest (Brown)

136123 - Chest (Black)

179924 - Robe (Blue)

179871 - Robe (Red)

180237 - Robe (Black)

180223 - Robe (Brown)

200931 - Robe (Green)

200925 - Robe (Purple)



Snímek obrazovky (706).png

Dalaran Version

Snímek obrazovky (701).png

Stromgarde Version

Snímek obrazovky (704).png

Stormwind/Lordaeron Version

Snímek obrazovky (705).png

Kul Tiras Version

Snímek obrazovky (703).png

Gilneas Version

Snímek obrazovky (702).png

Alterac Version



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31 minutes ago, Aurarius said:

I think the Shadowmoon cowl looks good in combination with this, so i will be making some recolors to match these.

Sounds dope man. Hmu when you're done.

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Once those patches get actually included and we get working mogit, it will be grand.

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44 minutes ago, Bogo said:

The models aren't popping up for me. I'm not sure what's going on. Send help plz.

Are you sure you are using client modified for usage of custom files?

This thing


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