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Eredar Horns

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Patch Notes

Created to supplement my other Eredar patch, this standalone mod will allow you to have those fancy Kil'jaeden horns on your male Draenei in the form of three helmets. For now, the patch works only for the aforementioned male Draenei, but I would be willing to do other races. (Excluding both Night Elves and Blood Elves, who already have a selection of horns from the Demon Hunter customization.) - To decide on the next race, I made a poll so people would get what they want.

Link to poll:

- Eredar Horns for Male Draenei

*Purple, White and Brown versions

- Works only for Draenei males (for now)

- Replaces WoD LFR Cloth helmets

- This patch is not WIP. But if you encounter any problems, please, let me know.

Download Link:

Item IDs:

226573 - White Horns

226571 - Purple Horns

226569 - Brown Horns




Snímek obrazovky (735).png 

Snímek obrazovky (736).png

Snímek obrazovky (737).png



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