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Allied Races Customisation On Base Races

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Hiya folks,

Many people ask how to use the allied races customisation options on normal races. E.g. Void Elf hair on a Blood Elf, or Nightborne hair on a Night Elf. Below I have listed the pre-requisites you have to follow to make this work, and the morph IDs that you will have to use.

  1. Make a base race. (If you want Void Elf hair on a Blood Elf for example, you have to make a Blood Elf!)
  2. You will need to do .mod native $nativeID
  3. Open the barber interface using .cheat barber
  4. Toggle the options to find your specified customisations
  5. Click Okay (If you cannot click okay on the barber interface then you will have to use .char cust instead)

Native ID List:

  • Highmountain Tauren Male: 75080
  • Highmountain Tauren Female: 75081
  • Lightforged Draenei Male: 75084
  • Lightforged Draenei Female: 75085
  • Nightborne Male: 75078
  • Nightborne Female: 75079
  • Void Elf Male: 75082
  • Void Elf Female: 75083


  • Make a Blood Elf Male
  • Do .mod native 75082
  • Do .cheat barber
  • Toggle hair options to find Void Elf hair
  • Click Okay

Disclaimer: Some of the customisation options will either NOT work or be untextured. You will have to test several options to see what - if any - works.

If you have any trouble with the instructions I have listed then feel free to comment down below or tag me in the Discord.

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Modding regular male Draenei in to male Lightforged Draenei sadly does not work. The headplates and facial hair options bag as the textures cannot translate.

Just a forewarning to you all.

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