Carbot-Styled EpsilonWoW Characters

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sup it has been awhile since i logged into the forums and uh atm the computer where epsilonwow client was has broken memory so, i decided to attempt at drawing something on my laptop while i cant login in-game so here is my (fail) attempt at drawing characters of epsilonwow inspired by/from carbotanimations who made herostorm, starcrafts, wowcrafts and etc themselves

here they are atm:


Glaeweth Doomsong:


Tiariana Cloudweaver:


Steve Westbrook:


Bastille De Lanuit:





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Carbot doesn't use the square/circle tool, so my advice to you is try use freehand more liberally - and invest in GIMP 2 for better lines. It's terrible for big portraits but for sketch-style stuff GIMP is what you're looking for.


This is something I did in like, 2 minutes. 

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