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"Heights of the Mind" by Mobi the Wizard

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Of course, the student desired to become better at honing their abilities. They had plenty of time on their hands to hone them, but lacked understanding of the concepts. Perhaps Mobi had written on this...

And, of course, she did. A booklet was handed to them by the librarian, and the familiar, bland cover greeted their hungry eyes.

Heights of the Mind

By Mobi the Wizard

Page 1

Your brain is an instrument, its thousands of strings influencing your conscious thought with their unique pitches and frequencies. Harmonic energy can be utilized through intense concentration to call upon the various forces of our world just like your conscious thought. This discovery and direct link can be traced to the mages of my race thousands of years ago (in a mortal capacity, anyway; the titans were the first conscious entities to truly understand this force.)

As a practitioner of magic, whatever it may be, you go through this process every day. To grasp the concept fully, however, is to fully utilize your potential. You cannot force this, you can only coax it, and the satisfaction of breaking that mental barrier that most apprenticesĀ find to be incredibly frustrating is well worth the time invested.

Page 2

Begin with your breathing. Do not be afraid. Do not be disheartened. Time is on your side at all times. Let your mind relax like a muscle, let it settle. Close your eyes. Imagine a white expanse with no details to clear your mind... and then open your eyes. Like wiggling your fingers, try to move a small object as if it was part of you.

This is a common practice that I recommend all potential students to do. Within a week, you will be able to move small objects, and within a month, twice that amount. Your progress will become exponential until you develop this skill to the greatest capacity you can without understanding the delicate procedures of concentration and focus needed with manipulating the arcane.

Page 3

There is no limit. Aegwynn could raise grand fortresses from the ground, so the only cap is your imagination. Apply this process little by little to summon flames, clouds of icy mist, poison, acid... the more difficult it gets, the more complex it becomes, the more reagents and materials you will need. A weeklong spell complete with reagents and a ritual circle to create an ooze... you master it, you apply these concepts, and you can do it in mere minutes with nothing but your mana.

Once you've come to understand these things, learning new spells can be as easy as snapping your fingers. The greater your experience, the greater your wisdom and ability.

Page 4

Really, everyone should understand some level of magic. The homeworld of the ethereals was mage-dominant. The homeworld of the draenei was mage-dominant. Azeroth is different in the fact that every force of this universe is used to repel and even destroy anyone who dares to touch our world. If a wide-spread understanding of these forces was common, not only would things be easier, but our world would thrive in a way unimaginable even to myself.

Using the practices I've explained here, you can improve your daily life and magical ability. More materials can be found in your local mage dwelling. Do not fall to the enticing pull of dangerous magicka.

Page 5

As Antonidas said, "A student of mine asked me today, 'Why are there so many limitations on traditional portals, when Fel portals can be made twice as large and last ten times as long?' The student was not yet educated in the abstraction of what is practical versus what is achievable, yet the question held within me a certain duality: What future is there for the established practices of magic when so many wild variations threaten to overshadow them?"

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