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"Ratchet, on Kalimdor’s central east coast, is run by goblins and shows it. Its streets sprawl in every direction, and the architecture shows no consistency or common vision. It is a city of entertainment and trade, where anything that anyone would ever want to buy, and plenty of things that no one ever wants to buy, is on sale."

What was once a humble savanna shanty town, is now a proper, technologically advanced town. Although messy in nature, it runs smoothly and generates coin for the Steamwheedle Cartel efficiently. For starters, more options as to where to travel have been built, such as zeppelins to Everlook. With a common foe vanquished, the fragile ties that held both factions together have finally been stretched to their limit. Only time will tell when this loose alliance will collapse and, when it does, war is sure to be on the horizon. Attention is coming back to the old Barrens port as different factions are surging forwards to claim their place in the region.


The Ratchet Watch - One of the most relentless, and most brutal law enforcement agencies in Azeroth. The Watch holds no mercy for those that break the law. 
(Position open) -
(Position open) -
(Position open) -

Unclaimed spots: Throught Ratchet there are several unclaimed areas such as houses or stores.


Standard rules apply.

1 - This phase is for casual RP, meet-ups, and guild/clan/business recruitment. Do NOT expect DMing. This is NOT a dungeon. Moderation will still take place for people that don't follow the rules.
2 - Similar to Rule 1. Hostile attempts against the town without officer's consent will be instantly kicked. Pranks are allowed to an extent, they cannot harm general populace. Arguing is also allowed, lay a hand on someone and you'll be removed from the premises. Feel free to declare duels as long as they take place OUTSIDE of the town.
3 - Do not use OOC chat in /say or /emote more than once. Use /whispers, /guild, /party, or .phase announce. Using /say or /emote for ooc toxicity will get you kicked.
4 - Ridiculous speeds or flying without a previous emote guarantees a kick on sight.


If needing to contact me hit me up via Discord:    Ezcu#7559

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Sounds like a wonderful idea! Hope to see this become a popular phase! ^^

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