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[SKINS] Void Elf Alternate Skins

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Hey there, this is my first upload but it's just something I thought the community might appreciate.

I know a lot of people were disappointed by the void elf skin options, so this is an attempt to give players some more variety.

This patch provides a Void Form skin akin to 8.0.1's version of Entropic Embrace, but permanently. Since we're not at 8.0.1 yet, this serves as a way to use the skin early.

As well, I've provided a High Elf skin. The eye color is indeed gold. With the silver-blue glow of void elf eyes it creates a neutral tone that I felt looked better than a raw blue.

You'll find the Void Form as skin option 05, and High Elf as skin option 06.



Here are some photos for a preview.




Credit to the original Void Elf to High Elf (Gold Eyes) skin patch for the BLP resource.

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