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[7647] Phase - Shadesong Glade

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--Ah so you're reading this aren't you and you think how nice that I can read this well yeah--


Phase 7647

--Ah so you're reading this aren't you and you think how nice that I can read this well yeah--


Brief ancient History:


Some time after the Shattering two youngsters name Erion Moonshade and Edeuterk had a grave incident.

The two wanted to tamper with deeper layers of the Dream, but with a mix of potent nature and spiritual magic they became trapped in a deep layer of the Dream.

The place, untouched by mortals, siphoned the life of the poor Edeuterk, and transformed him into a tree.

Thus begins the ancient history of Shadesong Glade.





In recent days people from all over Azeroth began to experience strange dreams.

They often dream of a secluded glade, always bathed in what seems to be starlight. The majority of them wakes up as soon as they begin the dream, but a very few of them don't.

From their description the glade is vast and dark, but starlight illuminates the whole area, as well as numerous light sources. There Visions, small and spirit-like beings, guide visitors to a stump, inviting them to drink from a strange jar.

That liquid, the sap of the Glade trees, makes them able to see all the living creatures that populate the Glade, even the now old Erion Moonshade, always on and about in his inn.

If you are one of the lucky ones to visit the Glade... I'm sure you'll have quite the fun drinking to your heart's content.



OOC Information:


-You gain consciousness in the Glade but you're confused;

-All the IC info can be acquired by Erion or by one of the usual “customers”;

-The usual customers will know icly most of the ooc information.

-We are in a secluded layer of the Emerald Dream, normal lore applies except for:

-The layer is secluded, so everyone passes through the gate (even druids and green dragons);

-You are dreaming, and you left your body where you are sleeping;

-You can't get drunk from the stuff you find in the inn, but you can be hurt and wake up, just like a normal dream;

-Erion has his body with him and has control over the Glade, as does Edeuterk;

-You can't see creatures unless you cast the spell provided at the start or if Erion offers you a drink;

-Erion and Edeuterk have the power to wake up people by force, and ban them from the Glade if needed;

-The Glade itself is “alive” and will take a liking to some people, you may use this to get your body in (and get in the guild or maybe even housing, idk);

-Magic is dampened and almost zeroed: the Glade likes nature and some arcane magic so those woul still be felt but cannot be used at all.



-Apply common sense please;

-Don't troll please;

-General rp rules;

-No erp.


All beings who can dream are allowed inside Shadesong Glade, be it a gilbin, a centaur, a demon hunter or the likes,. Keep in mind that those with shadow, fel and death magic cannot enter the Glade with their body, otherwise effects would apply.


This is not an open phase... nor it's a private roleplay.

I'm firmly certain in applying the whimsical nature of Shadesong Glade, which manifests itself whenever it feels like it, to the ooc aspect of it. Basically the phase will be always whitelisted except for when I'm hosting, in which case you would see stuff in .eventannounce and in .phase overview.

Well, this is all. If you want to ask me questions about this little phase of mine you can do it ingame, whispering Erion Moonshade, or here on the forums.


I hope to see you in Shadesong Glade!” -Erion Moonshade







(The picture I included lack npcs, and I don't want to spoil too much, you'll have to see in game.)










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