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.npc follow extended

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Good day, people. 

My suggestion topic is about the .npc follow command.

Would it be possible to have a command that allows you to have multiple NPC's following you, but you can place them in different positions. So one NPC's on your left, the other on your right, one in the back, and so forth. 
As of now you can have more than one NPC follow you but they all move to the same area and it just looks like one NPCs following you that's clipping with the second one who's standing on the exact same spot. 

I'm not sure if there is already a command in game that lets you do this, but I have tried to explore through the .npc commands though I haven't been able to find anything. 
If the command to have NPC follow you in different positions  could be implimented, that would be really cool and an amazing feature to have as a DM :D 

Thank you for your services, and have a... †Blessed† Sunday ♥


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