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Bug report on usage of 'unused' display IDs for NPCs

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Type of bug: In-game bug

Description: Epsilon currently has a huge problem with handling 'unused' DisplayIDs over 83274 (IDs not present in the game) on NPCs.

In more detail: A Builder's Dream patch allows us to assign models to DisplayIDs without a corresponding ID within the database of the server and morph into them. However this feature is very broken for NPCs currently. I made an NPC with newly added ID. At that point I was able to spawn it and work with it as if it was any other NPC. The strange happened after the server restarted or crashed (not sure on that one). The NPC is now stucked in a weird half-existing state. What I mean: The NPC is invisible and unforgettable (via click or /tar), however it is detectable via .npc near and I can still work with it via GUID. Even stranger, when I try spawning that NPC again I get a Syntax error instead.


Here is output of .npc near



As you can see the Albino Whelp (Which uses DisplayID 4465 is there, that's fine). However the Albino Dragon, which should be right next to it, is nowhere to be seen.


And here is the spawning thing


First comes .ph forge npc list    list of NPCs in my phase and as you can see I am trying to spawn Albino Dragon



And right after pressing Enter - nothing spawns and I get an Error message.



Reproduction rate: 2/2 times, about 120 NPCs total (Currently waiting for a friend to confirm this after next restart, or try it for yourself)



Edit: Just found a similar issue https://forums.epsilonwow.net/topic/1496-forging-npcs-with-new-display-ids/ here, which was resolved, but it seems it was not resolved enough (I assume a restart has occurred in the last week, if not well...). It seems that server restart manages to break the npcs. 

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