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Players unable to equip some weapons

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• Type of Bug: In-game bug

• Description: New created characters are unable to equip Daggers or Fist Weapons.

• Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot):


• Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a character

2. Try to equip daggers

3. Try to equip Fist Weapons

• Expected result: Players should be able to equip daggers or fist weapons without problem.

• Observed result: Player can't use those weapons.

• Reproduction rate: Always (100%)

• Additional information:

The cause seems to be that the skills for that weapon types (along with their racials, and the ability to change/select talents or change specialization) are not learned on creation. Not even the Rogues recieve it on creation.

For now, the only workaround is:

Change Specs: .cast 218386

Daggers: .setskill 173 450 450

Fist Weapons: .setskill 473 450 450


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