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.npc cast phaura

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unsure of where this would fit for npcs. probably under .npc cast? creds to zat n ward im just doing the footwork.

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If I understand this right, you'd want something along the lines of:

.npc set phaseaura #spellid [#interval]

Example then being:

.npc set phaseaura 120650 60

Applies spell 120650 every 60 seconds.

Would it apply it to itself only? All NPCs of that entryid, or all players? Or? Would be nice with some more specifics of whom you want it to affect just to be entirely sure what it is that you're after.

Or, do you want something like this:

.npc set phaseaura #spellid [$self, $players, #entryid, ...] [#interval]

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Applying a spell on an interval is exactly what .npc cast allows you to do. Am I missing something?


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