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Phase Set Skybox progressively tears apart reality

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The title is a bit ambiguous, but there's only one way to showcase what I mean.

Setting the skybox (perhaps only in a map that isn't part of a normal map, e.g. dungeon maps such as Court of Stars's instanced part of the Broken Isles) too many times can turn the entire map pitch-black. Resetting the skybox cycles either through all previous skyboxes or sets it to something completely random.

In case this sounds like insane rambling, here's a visual representation of what I mean:



(can I embed streamable? i dont know)


I'm not sure what causes this, but it seems to happen after either setting it too many times or resetting it after a large amount of changes.

[Gunmar] says: "I can't believe this 'Arahi' woman went down so fast. Storm my arse."


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Another thing to add too - I've noticed that on a relog (or sometimes just a map change), the skybox goes completely dark. The only command which seems to offer even a temp. fix is .phy reset sky default, but if someone else joins the phase after that, then the issue persists.

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