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[Patch Request] - One tone Pandaren Fur colors

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The concept in mind is simple, the last 5 Pandaren fur color to be turned into a one tone, no other body marks, meaning only exceptions would have the face patterns, if it is possible.


The skins requested are as follows

09 - All Black

10 - All Red

11 - All Gray

12 - All Brown

13 - Albino

14 - Light Brown


The last skins 13 and 14 can keep the tails.


I would be deeply grateful if it's possible to be made! Thank you for reading.


- Highlander

willy1.PNG2017-07-23 00.26.45.jpg

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So, as someone who desperately needs a blonde pandaren option,  I cannot emphasize how much we need better fur colors.
I'd LOVE to play a pandaren, but the in-game model is such a distant cry from her art that it makes her almost impossible to enjoy, so I end up using the older dwarf one. 


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