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New phase rank system

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I'm not too sure if this was suggested before, and I know this is **kind of** maybe taking a page from that other server, buuut...


Would it be possible to implement a new phase rank system where you can assign certain permissions to a phase rank?


Let's say the owner creates a general builder rank, and only adds in certain things like .gob sel, .gob del, etc, and .npc sel, etc. Like all the .gob commands, .npc, etc.


Or if someone only wants a certain rank JUST for phase moderation and DMing.


Think it'd be neat.

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Posted (edited)

+1 Support.

It's annoying to have someone need to have officer rank in a phase to cooperatively build, especially if that someone isn't good with people so suddenly your prime builder is also a shit phase moderator.


Or at least make a third rank FOR US that just allows for building permissions without allowing for moderation permissions.

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Unfortunately, we need an interface to do this. Until we have a lua developer who is willing to finish the Phase Manager, this will not be possible.

Unless you want to try your luck at managing a branching hierarchy of ranks with several hundred possible commands each. Simply trying to list the commands in your chatbox will flood it beyond the maximum.


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