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Queenside Rook

Well met. Greetings. Light be with you. What can I do for you? Need help? What's your problem? Quit it. I'm kinda busy right now. Forget something? You're getting on my nerves. Knock it off. King's honor, friend.

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Yo, I'm Queenside Rook, or just Rook.

Some of my characters include Qasymira Brightstar (helf abjurer), Elayna Vowbreaker (velf ex-blood knight), Talia Rook (human technomage, 80% techno, 20% mage, adherent of goblin engineering principles), Dephynea (draenei warrior/shaman), Styginar (aka Stalren, my Mary Sue-ass uncorrupted black dragon from ten years ago I can't bring myself to abandon, though I've dialed him back a lot), and Karne'ga Swordbreaker (orc scout, dabbler in magic).

I started WoW RP as Sam on Libertas about ten years ago, where I met @Dove, went to Echeloned when that died, and haven't really seriously done any non-tabletop RP since Echeloned shut down. I have also gone by Kethrook, Darmekhanu, Joramir, Senaya, Nosurena, and probably a few others I'm forgetting.

I'm a pretty laid-back, curious, open person. My main interests in WoW are the deep lore, and the speculation of magic as a hard vs. soft magic system.

Also, I'm a queer, trans woman; please don't hate crime me.

Love you, bye.

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Hello and be welcomed.

I hope you will enjoy your stay here and find a good comunity to hang around.

It's alway nice to see someone interested in more than just superficial lore. Hope to see you around.

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Hello I do hope that you ENJOY your stay on Epsilon
It's nice to see new and 
BEAUTIFUL faces in our community. ❤️


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