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.phase shift 'em all!

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As I understand it, the .phase shift doodads command basically replaces the current map's .adt with a different, blank canvas version. This is fine until excessive shifting starts to cause lag and until you hit the 6 map limit for shifting phases (or at least that was what was yelled at me by the system message when I tried to phase shift all of Outland.)


So my question is...

Is there a way to introduce a command that basically phase shifts all maps for your phase, replacing them all with a single blank .adt or at least like... a blank .adt of all of Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms or Northrend, etc?


For nerds like me who want to do a total world overhaul, this'd make such a dream possible to at least try to do.

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This will not be possible until we update to a patch equal or greater to 8.1


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