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Tile/Building macros

X is forwards and backward movement.
Y is upwards and downward movement.

Where it says CHANGEME, change the value to suit your needs

from flat to angle: outputs x and y coordinates relevant to input angle and distance.

should be fixed

/run a = 10; d = 4; h = 2*cos((90-a)/2)*sqrt((d/2)^2*2); x = (d*0.5)*cos(a)+(d%h/2); local y = (d*0.5)*sin(a); print(a,d,h,"\nX:",x,"Y:",y);


From angle to angle

/run distance = CHANGEME; angle = CHANGEME; x = distance*cos(angle); y = distance*sin(angle); print("Distance",distance,"Angle",angle,"X = ",x,"Y = ",y)


Unequip Gear

/run for i = 1,19 do PickupInventoryItem(i); PutItemInBackpack(); end;

Empty bags

/run for bag=0,4 do for slot=1, GetContainerNumSlots(bag) do PickupContainerItem(bag,slot); DeleteCursorItem(); end end

Clean Bars, Cheers @Litzzik

/run for i = 1,120 do PickupAction(i); ClearCursor(); end


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Remember to put it in a macro, if you just paste the code in /say it will give you an error.

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