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Changing NPC features in Mogit

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So Epsilon's currently customized Mogit has a fuckton of fantastic features that make NPC creation infinitely easier and quicker than relying on console commands and as it stands, I could not ask for a better NPC creation tool from a private WoW server.


But I had an idea that could potentially take Epsilon's Mogit up to an 11 in terms of QOL improvements.


In addition to being able to customize NPC's armor sets, race, and class in Mogit, it would be great if there was also a way to change NPC features in Mogit (e.g. skin color, hair color, facial hair, face, accessories, etc.). This would be particularly handy for quickly creating NPCs that look similar but not the same. It would also be super useful as neither Wowhead's or Wowmodelviewer's character features numbers line up at all with Epsilons, so you do tend to have to cycle through all the different hair/facial hair/hair color/skin color options using console commands to find the exact thing you're looking for.


Can it be done, eggheads?

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