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Garden of Demise

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"He who fights monsters would do well to take care, lest he become a monster himself, and if you gaze into the abyss for too long, the abyss gazes back."


Life and Death have existed in parallel ever since mortal life first arose in our physical universe. The origins of the realm of the dead, the Shadowlands, remain uncertain. Be it by sea or air, there is no escaping time. And so do we reach our ends. But those that have played with it, or played by fate itself, end up in this grim dimension. Forever bound to roam aimlessly.


The premise

The Garden of Demise opens up as a phase for those interested in searching the occult, the nuances of life and death, time. Those that seek an escapade from the mortal realm. From wars and chaos. A place to stop existing.

This pocket plane is owned by a specter known as the Hornfather. A greedy spirit that has possessed this corner of the Shadowlands for himself and as such welcomes any entertainment in his home. It is said he expects his guests to fight for his entertainment occasionally and rewards the victors on certain occasions.


Entering the Gardens

To access this realm one must fit in with one or more of the following criteria:

  • Be able to talk to the spirits or phase into the Shadowlands. (Shamans, Spirit Walkers, Death Knights, Necromancers, etc.)
  • Be casted into it, be it by person or a cursed trinket.
  • Be dead

(  For those that choose the third option, do .aura 123708  AND  .aura 44823  to show yourself as a ghost  )


Death in this plane means ceasing to exist. Be it in life or death. And we expect players to respect other character's stances whether they accept death or not.

Usual rules apply. No godmodding / metagaming / etc. 

This is a role play phase, not start. Save OOC banter for /instance chat. (Which you'll get invited to when you join the phase)


My Discord:   Ezcu#7559 

Phase ID:   20737


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Checked this phase out a few minutes ago, not only is the build great but I'm excited to RP here with my Tauren Spiritwalker. Should be fun!

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Amazing build. Seems like a very clear idea and definitively worth a check for anyone curious, really cool stuff ^_^

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