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Small Nightborne Male Edits

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Install: Simply drop the contentso of the zip file (the folder is called character) into your Epsilon directory and restart the game.

A couple of people have asked me for this stuff since I posted screenshots. This patch edits the Nightborne male model, giving them unique split robes, allowing for wearing 3D collections beneath them. It also comes with a replacement for Nightborne male hairstlye 2 and a couple of changes to the hair colors, most importantly fixing the broke dark black hairstyle. I also removed the eyeglow from them because I don't like it.

Note: I'm likely not going to be updating this patch, and I'm probably not gonna piece it up into individual patches unless there is a high demand for it. It's just something I did on the side and people happened to want it.


Edited Hairstyle (Replaces NB male hairstyle 2 - the balding one)

Split Robes

Edited Hair Color (Replaces NB Hair Color 2 - one of the MANY white variants)


Edited by ArvickCorpsebane



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tried it out i like it 

[Gunmar] says: "I can't believe this 'Arahi' woman went down so fast. Storm my arse."

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