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Missing Gobs #1

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As Gardener and surely Az preferred these to be here, I've compiled the gobs I know are missing from Epsi or simply missing textures. I am making this based on what I discover or remind myself of being missing as time goes by.


Edit: 8nzj_waterdome_01.m2 - The missing textures on this appear simply horrific, as what is meant to be a swirling bubble with dark blue ocean water currents is now this odd white, green, rainbowy swirling mess

7ne_druid_avianashrine01.wmo- missing entirely
7ne_druid_avianashrine01_before.wmo- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_basic_bonfirehuge.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_blue_bonfire.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_fel_bonfire.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_golden_bonfire.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_red_bonfire.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_basic_brazierlarge.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_basic_braziersmall.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_basic_torchlarge.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_basic_torchsmall.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_basic_torchverysmall.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_blue_brazierlarge.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_blue_braziersmall.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_blue_torchlarge.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_blue_torchsmall.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_fel_brazierlarge.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_fel_braziersmall.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_fel_torchlarge.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_fel_torchsmall.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_golden_brazierlarge.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_golden_braziersmall.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_golden_torchlarge.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_golden_torchsmall.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_red_brazierlarge.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_red_braziersmall.m2- missing entirely
8fx_generic_fire_red_torchlarge.m2 - missing entirely

tidalguardian.m2 - missing textures

tidalguardianhulk.m2  - missing textures

8nzj_nazjatar_entrance_ajshara_01_2919696.wmo - missing textures

waterelemental2.m2 - missing textures

firelemental2.m2 - missing textures

bloodelemental.m2 - missing entirely - you can look it up ingame with its filename, and there is a displayID you can morph into, but you don't morph into anything

8fx_nazjatarraid_arcanedoor01.m2 - missing entirely

8fx_nazjatarraid_arcanedoor02.m2 - missing entirely

8fx_nazjatarraid_arcanedoor03.m2 - missing entirely


8fx_nazjatarraid_arcanedoor04.m2 - missing entirely



That's what I can recall so far


Edited by Dom



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