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Object rotations and strange tile movement

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     Hi guys, weird tile rotation desynchronization seems to be back and crazier than before. Notably, when moving a pitched tile, it would turn a random direction. but now, sometimes, it also changes its pitch and also its turn. Gardener mentioned that to try and combat this, you can just preemptively move to the location you need the tile to be by doing .gob go for alignment before .gps move, but it seems that more likely than not, spawning the tile and then pitching it might also cause it to go out of whack, sometimes not pitching properly. When pitched 90 degrees, it was sometimes off by 5 degrees.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to replicate these problems, but I was able to replicate one of them.

     I noticed that with some of these tiles being weird, if you .gob go to them and then .gps 4 l/r, that you will be crooked to the tile rather than adjacent, when the tile is clearly visually straight. This seems to have something to do with the weird bugs listed above.

Video and bug replication procedure courtesy of Gardener. Thanks! 😆

1. .gobj go to tile at pitch 90
2. gps u 3.992
3. gps b 0.174
4. gobj sp 884604
5. gobj pitch -90
6. gobj roll 180


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Another super easy way to replicate the bug is to rotate an object either 90 0 303.75 or 0 90 303.75. When you do this, you can .gob go to the object and see it's clearly facing 21.8 instead of the intended rotation of 303.75, and moving the object resets the rotation to the lower number. Interestingly enough, this only happens when you've input a certain degree of pitch or roll. So there's most likely some sort of problem with complex rotation angles being paired with pitch and roll angles, or at least that's what I can deduce.

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