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Blacklisting People?

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Hi, everyone. I found another interesting bug, specifically when it comes to blacklisting people from Phases.

     I noticed that if a player no longer has a character name because they delete the character and a second player happens to take the name, that by blacklisting the character name it will blacklist the person that first had the name, and not the player account that currently has the character name.

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If I am reading this right...

Person A deletes a character with a specif name.
Person B creates a character with said name.
B gets banned from a phase.
Plot twist, B didn't get banned but A did.


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Have been looking into this, and deleted characters are handled with adding/promoting members and how they show up in phase show member, officer etc,

Haven't extended this to blacklisting, will be sure to check it out.

Deleted characters still have their original name set, though it's stored in the deletedInfos_Name column in the database, will have to see how this command operates and uses this information, and perhaps change the way it works.

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