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[patch] Goodies

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Happy holidays, this is a small collection of some patch-related things I've done over the past 2-3 months. Most of them are model ports from the World of Warcraft 8.3 PTR as a result of experimenting with ways to modify the models.



1. Open .zip archive and navigate to XmasGoodies folder.

2. Highlight the following folders: Character, creature, item, world.

3. Drag and drop into main Epsilon directory.


Contains the following
8.3 ports

character\human male and female

eternal vestments for human males: [MogIt:957J;lEKE;CrkH;u32C;pQTC;4QcO;4Sav:10:0]


character\nightelf male and female

Aetherserpent mount replaces world\goober\g_eggspider.m2    displayID    23058

anniversary deathwing mount replaces creature\saber3mount\Saber3Mount.m2    displayID    90159

sylveriandreamer mount replaces creature\arcanevoidwraith\arcanevoidwraith_low.m2 displayID    70234

stormdragonvoid mount replaces  world\expansion06\doodads\artifact\doodad_staff_2h_artifactheartofkure_d_05.m2 displayID    71441

vulpera mount replaces world\expansion07\doodads\animation\8anim_template_wheelbarrowmedium01.m2    78470

vulpera heritage collection: [MogIt:lE5N;yeR4;hssI;pQzp;4Rld:j0:0]

lich thing replaces world\goober\ghosttrap.m2 displayID 57011


Known issues:

Eyeglow on night elf doesn't show up in-game.
Solution: mod native then demorph.

Eyeglow on night elf doesn't show up in character creation.
Solution: swap between DK class and any other class, and eyeglow should display correctly.

Nightborne fingers glitch out when holding weapon.







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