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I was asked, at some point, by my boyfriend to make a conversion of a hairstyle for the blood elf model as well as to add a more Quel'dorei (silver and blue) themed undergarment set for the high elf skins available. And as I am never want to do, I got carried away and made some edits also to men that I thought would be attractive in regards to RP. Because who doesn't want to have or play as a Thalassian giga-daddy? These edits include void elf and Kul Tiran hairs for the male model and some void elf conversions to the female model, along with the Jaina hair. I also made some edits to the Quel'dorei skins that makes the nail polish blue instead of the default red, adds underwear textures (though I also have a fully nude option available in the download for you fellow degenerates if that's what you'd prefer) and jewelry recolours so that they are silver instead of gold and the gems are amethyst and sapphire instead of emerald and ruby. I hope you all enjoy! ^-^









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Does this hide the eye-glow or is that a separate patch?

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