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Content Priority Survey

Content Priority  

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  1. 1. Which one of these would you like to see us focus on for the next update?

    • Update to 8.3 - This includes BfA maps/music/factions, fixed downport-related bugs, opens the possibility of per-ADT phaseshifting and more. [8/10 time-consumption rating]
    • 8.3 item downports - This is for downporting all the remaining BfA items/npc items up to patch 8.3. [3/10 time-consumption rating]
    • 8.3 map downports - This is for downporting all the BfA maps. [4/10 time-consumption rating]
    • Terrain editing - Allow for the usage of commands to swap terrain textures on a per-ADT basis, allow Noggit map uploads to phases. [6/10 time-consumption rating]
    • Building/roleplaying commands - Such as NPC scripting, pitching and rolling for gameobject groups, .gobject set commands and etc. [4/10 time-consumption rating]

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  • Poll closed on 02/23/20 at 10:00 PM

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We've decided to make a public survey in regards to what kind of content our players would like to see us focus on for the next update.

Information about the survey:

  1. You may vote on multiple choices.
  2. Each option has been assigned a "time-consumption" rating, meaning if  "8.3 item downports"  and  "8.3 map downports"  are the two options with the highest votes, we may combine them into a single 7/10 consumption-rated update.
  3. Try to refrain from voting on all options, consider the "time-consumption" rating and add them together.
  4. Note that this is a survey and there is no guarantee we will go with the top 1-2 results, we do however want to know how our playerbase feels.
  5. The survey will automatically close at the end of Sunday.

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