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Dicemaster 8.3 Downporting [Addons]

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Hello! Name's Satu, not long ago, I started a project, a very ambitious one that would hopefully uniify the ppl on epsilon and their phases by forming a comunity where anyone could, create a character, set it up trough few addons, and start the adventure in a D&D fashion. We've put allot of effor and passion into this project, and we really want to see it trough. However, we kind of lack the means, one key factor that would enable us to put everything we piled on in motion. We need Dicemaster, a downported version that contain all the features the latest version does. or at least the following:

>Statistics tab
>Editable HP bar with numerical values
>DM Pannel
>Unit frames

The statistics tab usually comes with an XP bar, xp that can be awarded by the DM. (Raid Leader) trough the DM pannel.

If you know someone that can do it, please forward this post!

Thank You.

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