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[Spanish Client] Restore Deleted Character

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• Type of Bug: LUA Error

• Description:

When you try to restore a deleted caracter in a Spanish Client only a LUA Errors appears, without any chance or question mark to confirm the restoration of the character.

• Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot):


• Steps to reproduce:

 1. Install Spanish Client

 2. (Optional) Create a Character

 3. Select one and click restore deleted character.

• Expected result:

 A confirmation panel should appear, prompting to select yes to restore or no to abort restoration.

• Observed result:

 LUA Error appears everytime you try to restore the character, without any confirmation panel.

• Reproduction rate:


• Additional information:

 The only workaround is to change the language of the client to English and replace the DBCFilesClient to the ones from the English Starter Pack.

- What am i suppose to do now?

- What a King must do.

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Hey, thank you for the bug report.

This has been resolved on the development client, and will require a reload of the CDN responsible for hosting our interface files.

It was caused by a function trying to compare a Spanish class name to an English classname e.g. Guerrero -> Warrior = false.


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