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Mechagnome Animations

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• Type of Bug: In-game Bug; Client Crash.

• Description: The Mechagnome races has some animations who brokes apart the model.

• Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot):

Female - EmoteTalkExclamationFemale - SitGroundMale - Emote SitChairMedMale - ExcalamationMale Eyetraking

• Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a forged NPC or morph yourself into a Mechagnome.

2a. (Male) use .npc emote or .npc say anything with a ! (which make the model do EmoteTalkExclamation emote)

2b. (Both) use .npc emote or sit yourself (sitting in the ground or using a chair has the same result)

3. (Female) Finally, do the same as point 2a, which will give you the wow error.

• Expected result: Both models shouldn't broke itself nor the client when executing those specific animations.

• Observed result: In both genders, all the Sit Animations (SitGround, SitChairMed, SitChairLow, SitChairHigh) entirely brokes the model (With the female broken entirely and the male one having his legs and arms broken.)

 Then, in cases like the Female one, EmoteTalkExclamation causes a WoW Error to the client. The Male, in this case, only has his legs and arms broken as with the sit anim case.

 Finally, male model has a weird bug regarding his right eye, which make it follow your camera.

• Reproduction rate: 100%

• Additional information: At first, i though it could be specific of the Spanish Client (which i use) but, according to one of my partners (who uses the English one), same thing happens.

Edited by Nere

- What am i suppose to do now?

- What a King must do.

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Thank you for the bug report. Unfortunately we've been aware of this issue for a while now and have slated not to fix it until 8.3 which will fix a bunch of our currently bugged/broken models.

It's not too far away.

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