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735.5a Changelog

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Release date: 23/05/2020

Here you'll be able to read up on changes, big and small, made to various parts of the server. You may have noticed some of these fixes were already implemented before this patch - we're just including them in this changelog as we didn't feel each fix needed an individual announcement.


Bug Fixes

  • The crash causing the guild tab opening to disconnect a player has been resolved! The loyalty of joining a guild is no longer rewarded with the chance of an instant disconnection!
  • We have fixed many of the downported or otherwise models that were broken on the server - with hopefully only a few remaining broken. You can find a list of the fixed models here.
  • .gobject move with no parameters would move an object to your position, but not update rotation - this has now been fixed.
  • .gobject move would fail if any of the player coordinates was 0 or was facing north. This has now been fixed.


New Commands and Features


  • New subcommand added.
    • .gobject face #direction or $north/south/east/west
      • When used, makes the object turn to face either a direction (degrees) or one of the cardinal directions,
  • New feature added.
    • Blueprints can now be shared to a public respository using .gobject blueprint share [$name] public
    • To find public blueprints, use .look blueprintpublic [$name], where you can now find a repository of community blueprints for your builds! 
      • Blueprints can now be spawned directly from the public repository.


  • New subcommands added.
    • .npc turn #degrees
      • Similar to .gobject turn. When used, makes the npc turn clockwise or counter clockwise.
    • .npc face #direction or $north/south/east/west
      • Similar to newly added command .gobject face. Used to make an NPC face a certain direction (degrees) or one of the cardinal directions.


  • New subcommands added.
    • .phase show gobjects
      • Displays map locations with information on how many gameobjects are spawned on them.
    • .phase show npcs
      • Displays map locations with information on how many creatures are spawned on them.



  • We've been making a constant effort to monitor the server for any suspicious lagspikes, and so far we are satisfied that the server latency has improved a lot recently!



  • In amongst all of the core changes to the server, we've been working with members of the community on something to freshen up the start zone a little! I introduce you to Dranosh Valley: An Adventurer's Dream. A special thanks to Miles for the lore, Valyona, Rishladir and Rokki for their help with building and NPCs, and various members of the community for helping us fps test this and optimise it.




  • Dranosh Valley may be looking a little strange - the spiritual fields were once a sacred ancestral home to the peaceful and welcoming Dranosh tribe, but they have now become something different entirely. As tales of a fragmented rift in the skies above Icecrown travel from village to village, and the cosmic scales tip out of balance; the mirage between otherwise undiscovered planes becomes blurry at it's thinnest - and the rolling hills of Dranosh have become a destination of pilgrimage for a group now defined as 'dreamwalkers', those wishing to partake in a ritual sleep, and walk lucidly amongst the dreaming fields.
  • A select few dreamwalkers will be able to commune with the mirage in a meditative state, travelling to a mysterious utopia of mismatched locales seemingly living in harmony, in a space no bigger than a small town. The Valley in its altered state is now the image of the dreams of its many inhabitants, and an accomodating breath of fresh air to most of Azeroth's intelligent life. But to create a perfect world, there must be a balance - and while positive dreams can contribute towards building a paradise, the nightmares of said inhabitants can also manifest and twist under the illusive outer walls of the valley, ready to strike at a moment's notice.
  • The new start zone is intended to be a foundation for further exploration when it comes to server events or the possibility of main phase roleplay. Please, give us your feedback on the kinds of avenues you think that we should approach with this, we know the lack of roleplay has been a topic of discussion for some time amongst the community.


WoWScrnShot_052020_131241.thumb.jpg.919c67bcf3b919cfc5eed653afae540b.jpg   WoWScrnShot_052020_131141.thumb.jpg.a9e7eda0480ee8612572fa485fd339f2.jpg   WoWScrnShot_052020_130946.thumb.jpg.07372391825f516237bcc1c7d2305b3a.jpg

  • There are a couple of developer notes to add to this and necessary announcements will be made on Discord, but it will help massively if alongside that, the community comes together to help spread these messages to anyone appearing to have these issues in start. They are temporary.
    • As the Valley depends on a few scaled and tilted wmos, it's important to note; you may have noticed a bug on the server currently that means when you enter or exit a phase without teleporting to another map, wmos that are usually scaled or tilted will explode back to their original scale. This will be fixed in a future update but for now it can very easily be fixed by teleporting quickly to another map and back. Voila!
    • The Valley may be fps heavy for some people, but worry not - the essential structures like the land, the surrounding boulders and buildings have been optimised to appear from any distance - meaning that you can enable .vis ultralow and you'll see barely any visible difference but a dramatic increase in fps. Because the detail objects here are heavy, with vis ultralow on they will only appear to you from no longer than a 100 yard distance, which in this landscape is enough to be blocked out by trees or rocks anyway. As the zone is intended to be enjoyed on land, the difference is even less noticeable and it gives players who have higher end PCs or don't mind a small fps drop to experience the detail too if they so choose. Here are some comparisons in images to explain my point: 

BEFORE and AFTER using .vis ultralow to reduce viewdistance.

WoWScrnShot_052020_223540.thumb.jpg.d3109c7fcd6cdc9b160f9dfc38d6e44e.jpg   WoWScrnShot_052020_223535.thumb.jpg.f192ae56b4866ba3ece85e07b200ceac.jpg

WoWScrnShot_052020_223518.thumb.jpg.dab69dcca8ffe2f1ea61a7ca45a1fe77.jpg   WoWScrnShot_052020_223523.thumb.jpg.018c9aeb47a4c82e498cc1102206b26c.jpg


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This looks really awesome - the builders put in so much great work for the new start and the passion that went into the project certainly shows.


Just a couple of notes on the lore though, I think some inconsistencies may exist with existing wow lore that can be cleaned up pretty easily while still maintaining the core idea of what you guys were going for:

"dranosh tribe" - Are these orcs? Keep in mind that orcs only arrived to Azeroth roughly 30 years ago - so it would be difficult to have an ancient civilization with an ancestral home of their ilk. While we have seen another orc tribe claim a homeland on Azeroth they're willing to defend as if it were their homelands, it's certainly the result of not only a more recent struggle, but a special case, given they were described as the only clan to journey to Azeroth without drinking the blood of Mannoroth and exiled as a result. It's also worth noting that, if going with the emerald dream interpretation I listed below, that the Emerald Dream is something unique to Azeroth, or at least unique to planets with world souls, which means that no such link or similarity would exist on Draenor due to its lack of such

"and the rolling hills of Dranosh have become a destination of pilgrimage for a group now defined as 'dreamwalkers', those wishing to partake in a ritual sleep, and walk lucidly amongst the dreaming fields." - From both this, and the aesthetic of the natural unexplored region defying all natural laws of aviation it really sounds like you're aiming to just implement a concept that already exists healthily in wow and can be used as an explanation for this place. The Emerald Dream is notoriously a place where "dreamwalkers" undergo ritual slumber to visit in ethereal form. It is described as a vast ever-changing spirit world existing outside the boundaries of the physical world, which I think fits the aesthetic you guys are going for while still maintaining lore healthiness. Dreamwalking is a concept that's existed with druidism for a very long time.

As an idea of how to implement these things: Maybe the Dranosh "tribe" were a group of ancient Kaldorei (The Order of Dranosh maybe?) in the times surrounding the war of the ancients who believed that the Dream was more than just a place to journey to, it was the future of life, and so they violated its sacred law of being a place mankind's building hands hadn't touched and developed a settlement there with the intent that all elf kind may live there among nature. Due to the limitation of materials they could access, their buildings lacked the artistry of many other elven settlements, instead appearing crude and stone-worked Lost to the ever-changing spiritual realm of the dream, their work was never found by the slumbering druids wandering its ethereal landscapes, and it was thought that their mission had failed. In recent times, however, The Cenarion Circle during their mission to purify the nightmare in Legion discovered this ancient settlement once again, and wished to learn why it was that man-made structures seemed to exist only here within the dream. Eager to understand the force which provided for their powers, they called upon those within their ranks, and other allies besides. Druids began to dreamwalk to the valley to learn of its mysteries, and the Cenarion Circle devised a method to transport others who were willing to explore the settlement for their mission to the dream temporarily. Could also be a Tauren tribe, if you wanted to go for the more peaceful tribal aesthetic for certain.


just some ideas you can choose to use if you wish. great work with the update over-all though!

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I think the build looks absolutely beautiful, to no end. I'm willingly ignoring the rather steep FPS drop I get within the zone, as I usually do for beautiful phases. I think though that how beautiful it is, the lore specifically feels really inconsistent with how I designed the original zone? Although we've moved on from it, it feels really, really awkward and weird to have some place that we designed as a Nagrand valley to something relative to dreams and Kul Tirans. No issue there again with the building, I still think its phenomenal. But the lore? I feel like 'dreamwalking' which is a term given to druids specifically (I think it's dreamweavers more-so but) is a bit too niche for something where 'everyone' turns up. Custom lore or regardless, that alone provides very little room for most of my characters to theoretically be, if we're considering it's a step towards main-phase RP and the potential aspect of that. But that alone doesn't settle with the implications that this place is in fact an update of the previous rendition. The previous rendition, that being said, wasn't on Azeroth at all, but Draenor. I could say that if it were to work a slight bit better, taking from what I had envisioned with the place along with Derpy three-four years ago, we could slide and say it's within one of the great many islands of Azeroth, and become a bustling locale after the rather nomadic orcs made further westward. It could also theoretically work in a case of being within Kalimdor too, changed drastically due to the Cataclysm. There wasn't a set time of -when- this place existed, after all. Just a bit of thought on my own part. I love it, but there's somethings as the 'original pappy' I have to take a look at and inquire about. 

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The lore could definitely use a lick of paint and we have Miles to thankfully help for that! It will definitely receive some work and most likely will change drastically - right now the area is just intended as a fun concept for a start zone with potential to be opened up as a casual main phase roleplay zone, with the original explanation perhaps being a bit of an over-excited afterthought that we appreciate the feedback on (that's totally my bad)! Having someone who actually knows what they're talking about when it comes to lore will help us massively!

As for your feedback Myomeme, you can use .vis ultralow to improve the fps - it works really well and I barely notice a difference in the zone with it on which is better than I ever expected, you can see screenshots at the bottom of the post with the comparison (it can be a little hard to see, but that's good!). When it comes to the original design, with all due respect I wasn't ever actually aware that there was a previous lore, and if there was, it isn't documented anywhere that we've seen for the last year or two. I just thought it was a generic Orcish Valley - and as representatives of the server with fairness, the staff should be able to take control of that and take it in a direction we're satisfied with, though your original rendition is a solid part of the legacy of the server and is pretty iconic at this point. I imagine once someone with an eye for lore actually goes over it, it'll all make a bit more sense, and I'd be happy to talk to you on Discord about it so you can have your say.

For now, really glad you guys are enjoying it!


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I like the overall quality of the build.  Lots to see and explore, lots of cool areas that could potentially be used if the area is considered for main phase RP.  I like the secrets strewn throughout as well.  I have just one criticism.  People are not likely to leave the area they arrive in when teleporting to the starting zone.  That is, to say, everyone gathers around the portal right there.  The previous starting zone placed a campfire as the central location right at that point so there was a landmark for players to congregate around.  This starting zone doesn't have that, but players still do not move away from that spot.  That is, to say, we've gone from sitting around a campfire to sitting in an empty patch of grass.  It'd be nice if there was more in the area you arrive in when you teleport to the starting zone to congregate around, as opposed to just a hammock and a patch of grass.  Camp fire, statue, fountain, anything.  The objects in that particular area, though, could use some rearranging.  Otherwise, good build and it's nice to see start get an update.

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It's such a beautiful build.  I'm excited to see where this project goes!

Also, I found a camp fire down the path behind the teleporter we spawn at.  Should be a good place for OOC congregating!  (I admittedly wish there wasn't so many NPCs, especially around fun sitting spots / buildings, but it's not a big deal)

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