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Discovered shortly after the Third War, the tropical island of Tel'Abim became a fully-fledged nation. Now, with the war on Azeroth, the rich island stands at the brink of doom, or a rise in prosperity, as different factions stare at it with greedy eyes.
Rising from the South Seas, and inhabited by Goblin, Pandaren, and Hozen natives, it sports a multi-cultural and multi-racial community where all kinds of lifestyles are accepted. That does not mean these species got along at first. That changed until the bright mind of a Goblin wizard known as Abim changed the course of fate and rallied the island into a proper nation.


It now opens its doors to the public with their fancy new zeppelin and boat rides.

Current Factions:

  •  Nationalists: Spanning from Abim's own dynasty rises The Don. The most supreme figure in the island. He is known for his unparalleled greed and good taste. His followers are blind zealots that will do anything he says. Jumping off a canyon sounds like an acceptable idea if The Don suggests it.
  •  Frantixx Antixx: The enterprise owned by the Trade Prince of Tel'Abim, Frantixx, specializes in trading assets from all over Azeroth in exchange for tropical goods and crafts. However no one understands why his mansion sits in the Pandaren slums, let alone guarded by so many bruisers and strict security protocols. It's easy to believe it's because he is The Don's son, but the elite know very well The Don cares very little about Frantixx.
  • Steamwheedle Cartel: Having found the island of Tel'Abim almost twenty years ago, the largest and fully neutral cartel in Azeroth struck a deal with the island. Its independence, guaranteed, for a new dock and a steady flow of trade in lumber and food.
  • Bilgewater Cartel: Although considered of poor judgement by its current leadership's decision to assimilate with the Horde, this Cartel has sunk their claws into the island of Tel'Abim, in hopes of forming a new confederation with the island.
  • SI:7: Not present yet.



Players that are NOT native to the island can either arrive by boat from Booty Bay or from a zeppelin ride from Ratchet. Either an adventurer, or a tourist, what brings you to this island is your own reason.

All manner of role play is welcome in the island. From religious types on a pilgrimage,  ne'er-do-wells that seek thrill, adventurers looking to make a name, someone trying to escape their old lives. There are no limits! Businesses and factions can be made or joined! From an unlawful organization to a mere establishments.

We have very little tolerance of highly powerful characters whose only fixation is to either ruin other players' fun or destroy the island. No DK's or DH's. 


Discord Link:

Phase ID:     25331







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Good luck brother even if you don't get a lot of folks at first don't let that break you down, it's a small community and word needs time to spread.

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