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Hello! I'm a dedicated roleplayer (in many forms) and former WoW player. It was WoW during mostly late BC, WotLK and a little into Cata that provided me with most of my formative roleplaying experiences, though I started on forums before in my early teens, and I've always had an interest in coming back. After falling out with the game I poked my nose back in occasionally for MoP and WoD and quickly remembered that, while I love the roleplaying, I actually dislike the process of playing the game and it wasn't worth a sub. I remember looking for roleplay orientated private servers at the time with little success, as I've gotten the itch to come back and look again, and a quick search revealed this place which I'd love to delve into!

It'll be a bit of a learning curve to get used to the commands and such it seems, and much of the game is new to me, but eager to get into things.

Quick outline of some of the old characters I'd like to bring back:

Aya'zik - "Yazzy", to her friends, a neutrally aligned Troll with an easygoing but articulate personality, an appreciation for drink, and one of the earliest "Zufli". Bloodscalp by birth, with many interesting tales to tell. Some are even true.

Sivicia Coumont  - A Forsaken, and a vain, self serving and capricious woman even in life. As a former Apothecary, she spent the years between the Wrathgate incident (though innocent of any direct involvement) and the fall of Warchief Garrosh in Kor'Kron custody to detriment of her already shaky morality and mental state

Vraelis Palestride - A Kal'Dorei, warden. Like many who chose her path, the millenia have seen her become vengeful, embittered and near-pathologically bent against those who seek to harness Fel magic, and to a lesser extent the arcane in general. Recent events with the re-emergance of tainted Demon Hunters would give her much cause to question her loyalty .



Feel free to message me here or in Discord while I try to orientate myself!

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Hello and welcome to Epsilon.

There certainly is a bit of a learning curve in regards to commands etc; however, there is a command guide to assist you in getting accustomed to the commands available to you. You'll be able to find help in any of our support channels, and if you're looking for a guild to RP in, have a gander in the #roleplaying-ads channel in the Epsilon Discord.

We hope you enjoy your stay.


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