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Hello, it is I GORK

So this is about a command that I became familiar with after playing on Paragon for a while, it was the .outfit command, the command would let you create an "Outfit" with various sub-commands to customize gear slots as well as your race and the different customization options for said race through command, you could save it and use it whenever you'd like to on that character. As an example let's say you wanted to be a Zandalari, you would set your race to the Zandalari ID through the command and then you could use several sub-commands to change your face and other available options. I was wondering if this would be possible to implement on Epsilon as a temporary solution to us not having the newer allied races implemented..I could also see it being useful for people wanting to create Naga and customizing them through the command, as I recall that could be done on Paragon.

With much love. - Gork


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The outfit system in Paragon was designed to overcome the item displayid cap. Epsilon achieved this in a different way. The extra races was just icing on the top.

At it's core the outfit system just modified your displayid & enriched it with mirror data packets. You should be able to modify your displayid and let the rest of the game automatically inherit your character appearance & armour.

Ultimately, when the server updates to 8.3 you won't need this feature.

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"Not having the newer allied races implemented"? You can already create Zandalari from the character create screen. Just Vulpera and Mechagnome are missing.


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